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What did you do to help you quit smoking?

Asked by Pandora (31241points) October 21st, 2010

I’ve finally have decided to take the plunge. I’m going to go cold turkey. Tomorrow is my start date. I have convinced my husband to join me as well.
I’ve done cold turkey before and it wasn’t difficult but I choose a very stressful time to do it. My husband was retiring and starting a new job and we were purchasing a new home and I was also starting a new job.
Not to mention, 2 months of the city tearing up my lawn and dumping 2 tons of gravel on my nice new lawn. The first 4 months was easy but the new home being destroyed really made everyday stressful.
By the end of 6 months my stress levels were through the roof.
I think this time we are in a very stable time in our life and it may me a bit easier to stay quit.
The worst part for me quiting isn’t the nicotine. I didn’t even need to have a nicotine patch the last time. The doctor said I bearly had any nicotine in me so I would not need it. I didn’t even suffer from nicotine withdrawl.
My problem is having and holding a ciggarette and fighting years of habit.
I would appreciate real suggestions. Thank you all.

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I used the gum. I could control the urges when I wanted to. It takes 3 days to get over the physical craving and a lifetime to get over the psychological ones.

Best of luck to you.

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Sheer unadulterated willpower & strength of purpose. Nine years & counting & boy was it worth the effort :¬)

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I increased my exercise.
I had a punching bag at the time too—I broke it—XD
Sometimes it was a minute by minute kind of thing,resisting the urge.I would either go punch the bag,go for a walk,read or rage for a minute until it passed ;) Best of luck.
You can do it!!:))

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Years ago I used laser therapy, and it worked for me. After 3 years, I started back to smoking because I was bored not because I felt the urge. I am definitely considering using it again (when I’m really ready).

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Easy….get rid of all your matches and lighters!

I quit 15 years ago cold turkey and this is how….Start now by inhaling as deep as you can and then exhale as far as can can…..I mean to really go as far as you possibly can! Not hard or fast…the key is to push the range of lung function. Do it 10 times. I bet you won’t make 4 times if that.

Once you do decide to quit, this breathing technique will allow you to occupy yourself sufficiently long enough to get past that powerful “I got to have a smoke” craving that usually passes if you ignore it long enough. Plus working your lungs with this method is a painful reminder of just how much damage you have done to your lungs by smoking. Repeat this every time you get an urge and it should carry you through those many months of urges ahead of you. Blow Pops are great for the oral fixation aspect of the smoking habit as it beats sucking your thumb in public.

Good luck! You CAN do it!

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When your smoking for the last time, smoke four or five in a row, or until you can’t smoke anymore, and breath them in deep, smoke them to the last. You’ll want to get sick, believe me. That will be your last memory of smoking and will give you a good dose of what smoking is all about. I think of it whenever I consider smoking again, which isn’t often by the way.

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All I had to do was sniff stale tobacco on my mustache to convince me to quit cold turkey. Then I chewed lots of gum

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I read a book called Easyway by Allen Carr, but I think it was just that by then, I was truly ready to quit.

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I used the patch. It made it almost too easy. I smoked for 20+ yrs. too. The patch kills most of the cravings.

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Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. Have a look at the reviews on Amazon to see how good it is. I found stopping easy (after smoking for 22 years) and actually enjoyable; every time I had a craving I rejoiced as each one was a sign that I no longer smoked.

Good luck

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I quit cold turkey 7½ yrs ago. I replaced my pack of cigarettes with a pack of Tic Tacs. The times I would usually reach for a cigarette have now been replaced by breath mints. I still keep a pack of Tic Tacs in my vehicle (the moments when I enjoyed smoking the most).

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