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What are the things I can specialize in Astronautics/Aerospace Engg. ?

Asked by tangodogg (15points) October 21st, 2010

What are the areas of specialization in this field? I am planning on pursuing an MS graduate degree in this field in the US. So I looked through the work done by various professors in many universities.

I want to work on something which will help me contribute to human spaceflight. So far I have identified a couple of areas I find interesting. Propulsion ( Electric and the other new forms of propulsion like VASIMR seem interesting ) and Orbital Mechanics ( calculation of the trajectory etc. ).

What other fields are there which I can focus on?

As for background, I am currently in the final year of an undergraduate course in Mechanical Engg. I am also good at computer programming.

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Telemetry! There is a big need for it in Aerospace, as well as Military, Industrial and Commercial applications. If the NASA budget is cut, you can jump to Military . If that is cut, you can jump to Industry. If that fails you can design commercial products. If that fails you still have employment if you can say: “Do you want fries with that?”

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