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Is anonymity working against Fluther?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) October 21st, 2010

Seems like the openness of asking questions is hurt by the social networking norms of the day. Linking to Fluther may not be a big deal for some, and others still might opt for a second more anonymous account, but that’s all lots of trouble.

What do you think about the connection between Fluther, openness, and social networking.

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Huh? I think that Fluther works just fine.

If you have a special question that you don’t want associated with yourself, you can create a second account at any time and ask it or you could maintain multiple accounts with multiple personas if you wanted to.

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I don’t really understand this question. What social networking “norms” are you referring to? What kind of link to fluther are you talking about? Why would someone opt for a second account? What is that so much trouble? What is the connection between fluther, openness and social networking?

You seem to assume a lot of things are well know, but I must be pretty far out of it because I don’t get it.

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Oh boy. This was not a dig against fluther.

No, it must be me! I must be confused…

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I have another account that I use if I want to remain anonymous in a question, but I’ve only used it a couple of times. Is that what you are asking?

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First, I don’t think Fluther is broke. Not what I’m saying.

I assert: A. There is an element of openess here that relies heavily on anonymity. B. That openness is opposite to the spotlight of the social network.

I think it is a valuable discussion.

Do you think it is simply dispelled because you can open another account?

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I think I get the question and I think it focuses more on the people that have their Fluther account linked to their Facebook account. Since their information from here is linked to FB, they may not want to ask personal questions. A lot of us are very open with what we talk about, while others may want to remain hidden.

I think that is overridden though by the ability to open another account that’s not linked to your previous account.

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I don’t link Fluther or anything else with my Facebook account. My Facebook is strictly for people I know offline in real life, and it doesn’t intersect with my online activity in any way.

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I solved this by not linking my FB account to Fluther and I rarely overlap info unless I don’t mind it being revealed. There isn’t much I would reveal on here either that I would mind making public although my language is a little more colorful here at times than elsewhere.

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So here’s another facet. Why should we ever be being anyone but who we are…

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@Ltryptophan I don’t think it is a matter of being someone different, it’s a matter of not sharing things with your friends and family that you would share here. Perhaps there are sexual questions you want to ask, or an inlaw you want to blast, but not have them find out.

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So twitter is something that is done outrightly and attention, theoretically, is paid between the accounts because people care what a certain person is twittering. Is this like a shadow twitter? That also has actors speaking openly in character?

There is an element of character here is there not. An element of who you would be if only you could speak your mind. Would you make an anonymous twitter account?

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Fluther is my secret thing.


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I don’t twitter, know nothing about twitter and do not think I will ever use twitter, so I really don’t understand your last post.

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@Ltryptophan In some cases it depends who’s reading. Some people don’t want to share with their boss the same things they share with their friends.

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I think you may be assuming that many of us act differently on here than we do in real life. I act the same here as I do in real life and say the same things. I just choose who I say those things to.

Basically what @downtide said (he said it better than I could).

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Although I am as honest and straightforward as I can be here, when I’m not kidding around, I do, of course, remain anonymous in that you do not see my picture or know my name and address. But it wouldn’t matter much anyway, now would it? When I have become friends with someone, we have then exchanged emails and phone numbers and if I weren’t so damn far away – I’d meet some of the jellies in person.

Some have expressed an interest in coming here – and I will make every effort to entertain them and help them out.

But for all intents and purposes on fluther, I’m just the jelly known as zen.

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I haven’t noticed any hurting going on.

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@seazen “I do, of course, remain anonymous in that you do not see my picture or…”

Huh? You mean, you mean you’re not really Sir Patrick Stewart?

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Fluther is good. I like the anonymity as it allows us all to ask questions that we might find too embarrassing or weird to ask others face-to-face.

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and No
so maybe yes, but I think not.

Although, I do indeed Think, so maybe No.

awwwwwwwwwwwww whadddya want BLOOD ???? If you dont like the site, u know the answer.

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