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I am raising my granddaughter, are you?

Asked by MissPoovey (893points) October 21st, 2010

My husband and I were empty nesters for only two years. Then our son got into trouble with the law and the ‘baby momma’ is a dope head. So now we are raising our granddaughter. I am sure we are not the only ones.
My question is this;
How many of us are doing that and what are the reasons?

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Done it. How old is she? Aren’t grandchildren the best??? I did it because my daughter’s husband was on heroin and she was an enabler. They have her back now and are doing just ok, but off drugs.

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I was raised by my grandparents

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Are there things I should know? We have had her since she was barely two and she is almost four.
Next week is our first parent teacher conference, its only pre school, but I am out of practice and alittle nervous.
@KhiaKarma – how was it being raised by old ppl?
I feel bad sometimes cuz I can’t play on the floor alot and I can’t carry her very far, things like that.

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I was in 3rd grade when I went to live with them…so they never really had to get on the floor with me. I love my grandparents and it is difficult to be without them now. (I still think about calling them every one in awhile)

The generation gap was difficult as I grew older and stived for independence. My advise, keep with the times (start learning technology if you don’t know about it already), hang out with Mother’s Day Outers or Mom and Me clubs, build your support network.

I appreciate all that they gave up to better my life. They had lost their daughter (my mother) the day I was born and they never quit grieving her death. My dad was absent, a void in my life. I think that they were proud of me, though. Things were tough for everyone, but things worked out. I know I am better for it.

Your little one just appreciates your soothing voice, your gentle touch, and your time. One more thing, it’s very important to not talk about her parents negatively. She could internalize it and think something’s wrong with her. Again, build your support network!

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I helped raise my grandchildren. They stayed at my house during all school holidays and for several school months while their mother was looking for a job. Two of them lived with me during their high school years, and they are still here, though looking for full time work so they can move into their own apartment.

I take my two toddler grandsons every weekend, and usually average one or two full weeks a month. Their parents are unemployed and their mother has a weak immune system, so is sick a lot.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.
But still, am I the only one actually raising my grandkid? I mean every day, day in and day out. Potty training, allergy attacks, and the rest?
I do not want to undermine the wonderful ppl who answered and helped me feel better, but am I in the minority so much there isn’t anyone else here?

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I work with lots of grandparents raising their grandkids. Probably about 15% of the kids I see are raised by their grandparents. So no, you’re not alone…. I am sure there are others even on Fluther. These links came up when I searched fluther for grandparents raising kids.

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