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Dallas, Texas.

Asked by cityshark (100points) April 1st, 2008

Dallas, Texas

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What village is missing its idiot?

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Where was JFK shot?

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What city do I refuse to live in?

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Number one place to fight a cowboy.

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In what one city (okay, metro area) can y’all catch NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, and NHL games, enjoy fine Tex-Mex, hit a water park and Six Flags, stroll the gay cowboy district, see cattle rustled down city streets, labor under three-digit temperatures, be within a three-hour direct flight of nearly any destination in the continental US (and parts of Central America), and get stuck in traffic of epic proportions on the way home?

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Where’d I go to college?

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What is the city with a (formerly) great football team, a church on every corner, awful traffic, oppressive heat, terrible air quality, a boastful sense of pretension and shallowness, a Bible-beating heavily Republican electorate, and will soon be further polluted by having the worst US president ever as a resident?

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What city is everyone apparently confusing for Crawford, Texas, where George Bush has his ranch (about two hours away down I-35)?

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What city is stereotyped solely based on others misguided views of a state they haven’t even been to? People’s views of Texas are horribly over exaggerated we are not all cowboys, rednecks, and bible thumpers.

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what’s the capital of the lone star state?

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@robmandu : lmao

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