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How do I get a job at a cafe?

Asked by skittles (108points) October 21st, 2010

I just wanted to get a job at a local cafe and I’m not sure about how I can go about doing that. I want to be guaranteed the job not have them just give me an application and never call me back.
Should I make a habit of visiting that cafe frequently? Talk to the baristas maybe? What are things I can do to increase my chances? I’m a minor and legally able to work, but I know a lot of places like starbucks say they hire 16 and up who end up hiring mostly 18 and older.
I dont mind working at a franchise like Peets or Starbucks, but I think I’d rather work at a local.

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There are no guarantees in life. You can only do so much, such as fill out the application and ask to speak to the manager, ask him for an interview and go from there.

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Getting to know the baristas is not a bad idea, but it won’t get you a job. Showing the manager how you have been reliable in the past by talking about school and activities will go a long way toward helping. Include information on extracurricular activities and specifically how you helped make them better.

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There’s really not a job you can get that’s a sure thing unless someone pulls you aside and says “if you ever need a job, you come to me”. And even then, stuff happens.

Start going to this place. All the time. Become friends with the baristas. TIP WELL. Get to know everyone by name, and ask them how they’re doing, what’s going on with them, if they made up with their s/o after that fight they had on Friday. Get to know the manager, make a point to use their name in conversation. I once got a job at Starbucks because the guy who interviewed me used to work at my Starbucks, and he had since climbed up the corporate ladder. The interview was merely a formality.

Unfortunately, the chances of you getting the job are pretty slim. There’s a good chance they don’t actually have any openings right now. If they open up before curfew is over in your town, that makes you less interesting as a prospective employee. Because you have school, you can really only work a few hours a day – maybe not even a full shift. Again, less interesting as an employee. And most employers would rather hire someone with a teeny bit of experience who needs a job over someone with no experience who wants a job.

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Start somewhere else for a few months…then see if that experience and having a job will help your chances.

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You have got to have something on the ball, that makes you outshine other job applicants. be honest on your application and avoid using the word I as much as possible. make your application sounds as if they hired you, that they would receiving a star employee.

And, persistence counts, when job hunting. do not let them forget your name. call and frequently check on the hiring job status you are applying for.

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To start with, be dressed nicely, and have your work permit already signed by your school. Talk to the manager and emphasize the experience you have that will make you the best worker ever.

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Cafés get a lot of resumes from school-aged job-seekers. Your availability does let you down a lot. Cafés near schools would be better because they probably need more staff to handle the ‘student rush’ after school.

Doing a barista course would definitely help you stand out, anything to do with money or food handling would also be a bonus.

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1. Offer to work a day free.

2. Offer to work on short notice…for instance, if someone doesn’t show.

3. Show a willingness (only if it is true) to clean.

4. Do not engage in gossip or bad-mouthing other businesses or people.

5. Don’t show up off-duty in ripped or skimpy clothing.

It’s good to admit that you want to skirt around other prospective employees. Perhaps that’s a bit of youth…but, hopefully, you see the complete idiocity and unfairness of such.

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