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A flesh eating zombie.

Asked by cityshark (100points) April 1st, 2008

What signifies a flesh eating zombie? Who is considered a flesh eating zombie? What exactly do zombies do for fun?

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What eats flesh and starts with a Z?

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who should I not invite to my party?

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Who will I tame and make slaves out of after the world comes to an end.

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Who could I out run even if I had two broken legs?

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Who always seems to eat the dumbest people in movies because they fall down and then sit there and tell everyone to leave them behind instead of getting up and running?

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What does my SO look like when he eats spaghetti?

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Who am I seriously considering to be the Maitre`di at my new restaurant, Fresh Flesh?

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It might be worth taking a look into the Zombie Survival Guide

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Who was that looking at me like I was a hunk of baked ham?

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