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What are your plans for Halloween?

Asked by Berserker (33543points) October 21st, 2010

I traditionally always watch Sleepy Hallow on Halloween night, after most kids stop trick or treating. Been doing it for a few years now. So I’ll be handing out candy and watching movies, and probably spend the day before that watching a buncha Halloween movies. (With Michael Myers.)
My roomie is looking forward to it too, and desperately wants to decorate the outside of the apartment, at least on our section. (Don’t need to do the inside since I have a bunch of Halloween shit all over the place all year round haha.) We’ll be carving out pumpkins too, obviously. So it will be fun, especially since it’s on a weekend.
What about you? Party, taking your kids out for treats, nothing at all, working, murdering a buncha people, what?

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I’ll pass out candy,then go to my sister’s party and pass out . XD

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Nightmare Before Christmas. Party with the few that have my views. Every day is Halloween anyhow, for us.

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Stay home, bake pumpkin seeds and hope a kid comes to the door. We have not had one kid on our road for the past 3 years. If the temp is above freezing and there’s no snow we might go ring the neighbor’s bell and have drinks.
Would you like a Chocolate Martini to go with that Ferrero Rondnoir?

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@janedelila Sweet. :) You have me talked into it…I might watch Corpse Bride instead. :)

@worriedguy Well, I hope that works out. Cheers!

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Wow, snow on Halloween. Nice.
Do you mind if I ask in what state or country you live?

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The Walking Dead premiere on AMC
Awww yeah

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@Symbeline yes, then I hope to stay up long enough to see Beetlejuice. Classic.

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I guess I’ll start off at 6 PM by watching Revelation and handing out candy to the few ToT’s that come by.

Regardless of whether the ToT’s come by is a win-win situation for Bri.
If I hand out all of my candy, then it’ll be my pleasure to add to their Halloween enjoyment.
If not enough of them come by, then I’ll be having Almond Joys and Snickers for desert. :-p

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@Brian1946 I’m on John Powell’s map. I live in Western NY. Right in the snow belt near lake Ontario. We get snow from both Lake Erie and moisture from Ontario. About one third to one half our Halloween’s have snow. That expression “Frost on the pumpkin” refers to us! I just looked at the weather report and it says low near 35F tonight.

I look at costumes advertised on TV and have to laugh. All the females are tarted up – short skirts -low cut tops, high heels. Here, everyone is covered. Footwear is winter boots (no sidewalks.)
It’s a different world.

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That’s an area where I used to live (Toronto and Ottawa), but I haven’t been there since 1955.

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It’s the mosttttt wonderfulllllt tiiiiiiime of the yeaaaaaarrrrrrr!

I’ll be working.
BUT I work at our theme park’s Halloween Haunt
So I’ll be running around all night screaming at people and making girls fall down and cry.
And sometimes guys, too.

…and I’ll probably be getting assaulted by the “tough crowd”.

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@Brian1946 “Cool” is right. Do you remember trick or treating in your snow suit?
You’re area was generally a little colder but we have a heck of a lot more snow.

Someday I will go down south and see if there really are women dressed like Wonder Woman ringing doorbells. A man can dream…

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Passing out candy and then having a party (which I expect will result in many drunken people in costume scattered all over my property.) and zombie movies non-stop on the TV.

I love Halloween.

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Nope. I don’t even remember ever trick or treating when we lived in Canada.
The earliest I can remember is when I was 11 and that was here in Los Angeles.

One more question that’s too late for my parents to answer.

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@worriedguy I live in North-eastern Minnesota, so yeah, we’ve had snow on halloween. Probably about two-thirds of them, like you. I always tried to make my costumes so that they could go over the snowsuit. Or I dressed as an Eskimo (3 years there). But this year I’ll be in Green Bay, WI with some friends.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Two Halloweens ago, I woke up to about 35 people scattered around the house we were partying in. Not one person was on a bed/couch/chair. Everyone passed out on the floor. And everyone was still in full costume. It was glorious.

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I’ll be studying like a bitch.

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How far do you live from Lakes Michigan and Superior?

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@bob_ costume? Loaf of bread? Block of mozzarella?! Pickle loaf??? anything???????

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@janedelila More like the Economics chapter of the Level I CFA exam.

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@Brian1946 I don’t know really…Probably not as close as I could. There are colder places in Minnesota, for sure.

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I have already started my scary movie fest countdown to Halloween. My costume for Halloween is dressing as Cleopatra and hand out candies to the neighborhood children.

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Dressing up in costume and going to a concert, I hope.

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What concert and what costume?

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I’ll be walking around with my son trick-or-treating. Then we’ll probably watch some kid friendly Halloween movies.

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Some medieval lass (I have a drape-y crushed velvet Middle Ages-type gown with the batwing sleeves and the requisite hair) and one of my friends has a ticket to the World/Inferno Friendship Society, whoever they are. I should probably try to hear some of their stuff first.

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I’ll be bobbing for apples with my daughters, although we’ll mainly be looking forward to Bonfire night on 5th November. Halloween isn’t that much of a big deal, although as shops realise the amount of high-margin tat it can shift, it’s getting bigger each year.

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I’m thinking you meant Sleepy Hollow! Yeah, in England Town we’re not so inamid with Halloween, having said that, my kids will most likely trick or treat the night away. I shall of course supervise the proceedings. Purely as a precautionary measure….oh & to steal any sweeties that catch my eye!

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I will have my annual bonfire in the front yard and let trick or treaters make smores and hand out cider to the parents. After I always have a party for the kids and my friends to burn off their sugar highs!

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Most of our plans for Halloween don’t actually fall on Halloween. Tomorrow we’re going to the orchard to pick out pumpkins and lose the kids in the hay maze. We’re also going to a local nature center, where my daughter’s Girl Scout troop is holding a bake sale during their “Owl-o-ween” event to raise money for a group that rescues birds of prey. While she sells goodies, we’ll be looking at all of the owls with the boys, enjoying some cider and trying to stay warm!

A friend of ours is having a Halloween party, so my husband and I will be going to that. I keep trying to talk him into going as Mr. Darcy while I go as Elizabeth Bennett, but no such luck. It looks like we’ll be Han Solo and Princess Leia! There’s also a Halloween costume parade downtown for kids. They march up and down Main Street in their costumes and get candy from local businesses. On the 31st, we’re taking the kids, along with a couple of my daughter’s friends, trick or treating. Our street is not good for trick or treating, so we crash a nearby neighborhood where a lot of the people go crazy with Halloween decorations and everyone gives out good candy. Then we throw the kids in bed and help ourselves to their candy!

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Carve pumpkins, go trick or treating with my six year old (I only had children so I can continue to trick or treat…haha) and watch Halloween.

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@Brian1946 We had our first frozen precipitation today! Light snow at 8:00 that melted when it hit the ground. Winter’s coming.

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To do my best to ignore it. It is a relatively recent phenomenon in Australia, and I don’t see why some think we have to follow American traditions. Goodness knows, Heinz has recently relabelled tomato sauce as ketchup!! What next- driving on the wrong side of the road??

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@Harold Ah, just go with the flow. Or hand out Vegemite rice cakes.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – Yeah, might do that!

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