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Was that the usual Elizabeth, on The View, Oct 21/10 or an imposter?

Asked by flo (13313points) October 21st, 2010

Even the more perverted of us are saying that the cover on GQ, Oct/2010 is too racy. So how can Elizabeth, who is usually for family values, say that the magazine is “just there to make money” (her words). By that argument businesses should not be expected to have any standard whatsoever. Barbra and Elizabeth were arguing against the Sherri and Heaton’s argument, which is that it is unacceptable.

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Can you explain in more detail what happened? I’m not following.

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@FutureMemory It might be better if you watch the segment relating to it. There is no more detail to give unless you watch it yourself.

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@FutureMemory I wanted to provide a link to the show. I was listening to something else when I went to, and it seems it doesn`t allow for the volume to be lowered. I need to listen to this other thing while I do my Fluther etc.

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Here is one link, but It is only the first segment.
Barbra’s argument is also ridiculous. Perverts must roll their eyes, but not at Sherri and Heaton who are making sense.

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