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Who is the most famous person in the world?

Asked by St.George (5855points) October 21st, 2010

This is a question my daughter asked me tonight at dinner. I don’t know. We thought maybe Elvis or Obama…What do you think?

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I would agree with Elvis.

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Puff Daddy.

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Really? I don’t think Jesus is the most famous person in the world.

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Does Ronald McDonald count?

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Bill Gates or Bill Clinton

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The Pope nearly every Christian and many nonchristians knows who he is.

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A tie between Mickey Mouse & the Mario Bros.

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I don’t think there’s one most famous person.

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@Austinlad She won’t accept that as an answer. She’s 7. My daughter demands answers.

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Your daughter is the most famous person in her world.

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I forgot about the Pope.:(

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@faye “the” pope or this pope?

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I’m going to say Oprah. But that is a shot in the dark because I don’t know everyone in the world lol.

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If almost 20% of the world’s population comes from China, wouldn’t it make more sense if it was someone from there, like Confucius or or Jackie Chan? Next in line for population is India, so could it be Mahatma Gandhi? The United States comes in 3rd place for population by nation…is there someone in the US who hasn’t heard of any of these men?

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I would guess Jesus and Mohammed are the top two, with Christianity and Islam each including about ⅓ the Earth’s population.

For living people, I would guess Obama and the Pope must be near the top. Chinese and Indian leaders would have to up there. Soccer (aka football) would probably be the most well-known sports figures. Music & movie stars, I dunno.

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I would say Obama.

Many young people today under, say, age 40 or so, have absolutely no idea who Elvis Presley is.

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The most famous – maybe the Pope – but not the individual – as many people know of him, recognize him – but who are not of the faith and probably couldn’t name him – like me. I think someone famous in China has 1.5 billion people who know them – as opposed to only 300 million Americans plus western people – but maybe Jesus, Ghandi or the Dalai Lama.

Living – probably Obama – or Achmedinajad – there are about 1 billion Muslims and the west certainly recognizes him too, unfortunately. Also Bin Laden.

But if I have to choose only one, I’m gonna go with AstroChuck.


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Since I am God, it is me, naturally.
Now bow down, or I shall strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger.

Or Harry potter.

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It’s Oprah.

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Obama. And I think your question implies living. Although Elvis is not. Then the question would be who was the most famous person who ever lived? And we could include the ones who have passed on.

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Real or not?

Real: Obama (you see his picture all over the world)
Fake: Harry Potter

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God. Some religions talk about Jesus, some not, but everyone pretty much knows who God is or that some people believe in him.

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Oh but God isn’t a person… Hmm…

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Ah, @Megan64, I understand, though I do wonder whether it would be better to explain that who one considers is the most famous depends on where they live ihn the world. Nonetheless, I’ll have to go with the crowd and say Michael Jackson. Or maybe Santa?

I do remember reading that at one time, Mickey Mouse was considered the best recognized entity in the world, but I doubt that would be true today.

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Muhammad Ali. Of course, current political leaders are more popular in the short term and religious leaders are most famous over generations.

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@Austinlad Yeah, we explained that fame was more of a local thing. That didn’t satisfy her.

I like the group of people you’ve all come up with though: Jesus, God, Elvis, Obama, Oprah, Muhammad, Muhammad Ali, Harry Potter. (Not so much Michael Jackson or the pope.)


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I’d think it’s either:

—Britney Spears. My personal number 1 on the list.
—Michael Jackson
—Marilyn Monroe?
—Obama, or Oprah (not sure, they’re not as famous as they look like here in the Philippines.)
—idk, maybe even Einstein. my niece thinks so too. :D

But if you’re talking about famous people from today, I think even JUSTIN BIEBER makes the list, if you ask me. :D

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@hirenetprogrammer Dude, that’s not a person.

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