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Why did Fluther put " this discussion is closed" on my last question?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 21st, 2010

My last question that I type up was about if I should discontinue being friends with someone who got pregnant if that her boy friend means trouble.I guess I had to many typos or my question was too long so Fluther had me edit my question, which I tried making very short.I came back to see if I had any answers, I only got 1 from a Fluther user and I responed to them.But when I came back on my question, it said “this discussion is closed”.Why is that?

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Well it could be because you may need to correct more of your question. Tr and see what type you chose, like social or general. The guidelines are different for each :D

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If it’s in the editing process you cannot continue to add responses until you correct the question. So it’s temporarily closed.

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[Mod Says} I sent you a PM explaining what happened.

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@timtrueman Are links still active on these questions?

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@Dog I’m not sure what you mean by that…it’s not discoverable so to speak but anyone that wrote an answer or asked it can view the contribution they made so that value isn’t lost.

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Welcome to Fluther. We all collide with Moderation issues now and then, but it serves to keep the discussions focused and lively.

If it is not in editing any more, then you can navigate to the actual question and click the Flag, select Something else, and ask the moderators what’s whong and why discussion was closed on it. THey will be glad to share any concerns with you, as that will help guide your future use within guidelines.

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@timtrueman As in links that serve the goals of spammers.

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They aren’t indexed and moderated answers are still gone.

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@SuperMouse They finally got ya, eh? Sell-out. ~ Congrats on joining the modsquad – prepare for battle helping me fix my stupid questions..

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This happened to one of my questions and i did not receive a notice from a moderator. it was just shutdown.

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@seazen thanks… I think.

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