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If I do not install "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" am I missing security updates?

Asked by anartist (14779points) October 21st, 2010

Almost every day for months now the Microsoft security shield pops up off the taskbar and says “updates waiting to install.” Every time I check it is just that damn Genuine Advantage thing. My software is legit but the thing pisses me off so much I won’t install it. Am I depriving myself of useful software patches?
Does anyone else hate this thing too?

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Yes, MS will hold back security patches from Windows Update until you install Genuine Advantage. There may be other ways to find and install them, but I don’t know how myself.

If your software is legit (especially if you have an invoice/receipt from it or the PC it came on) then unfortunately then best option is probably to install it. I think it’s very rare for it to mistake legit for not (I’ve not seen it happen at least).

(Or of course try Linux ;-) )

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I think installing it is worth it. It always worked best for me. But you could also just install
AbiWord. Its amazing , and uses less memory. Its also free!

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what is AbiWord?

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AbiWord is a free word processor made from lunix and microsoft windows. It is very similar to microsoft word, but microsoft word tends to be better. What am I saying duh its better if you buy it , its 300 bucks! Uhhhh thats what it is lol.

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