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Which group on Fluther is more vocal over the rest?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26856points) October 22nd, 2010

Reading all these thread on Fluther you get to see certain groups get more indignant or put up more heated and passionate debates if their belief or choice is questioned. Which group do you feel gets the most indignant and squeaks louder:

• Atheist
• Pro choice supporters
• Gay and TG
• 2ndt Amendment supporters.
• Christians
• Feminist
• Democrats
• Republican

Who fights the hardest to prove their point?
Will hand out my choice later as not to influence anyone.

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Those damned republican wingnuts! ~

I do know for a fact that they can be a bit, erm, “rowdy,” as proven by the media, but as far as Fluther goes, it shouldn’t really matter because the goal here is “happy,” or at least non-flame-war-type discussion, which is why if you get mad at me for ^ statement, despite my tilde, you can flag it or leave it alone.

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Stupidity simply pisses me off.

Where are the Teabaggers on your list?

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@johnpowell I can’t speak for myself since I’m not involved enough in politics to say anything and be sure I’m making sense, but I’m really sure pa puts those guys waaaay up on his.

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@johnpowell Where are the Teabaggers on your list? Think they would be under Republican, don’t you think?

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Yeah, guys, money on this thread turning into a flame war. Pic.

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The tea carpet-baggers. (Merriam-Webster’s second definition of the term – said in ~)

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@seazen But you can’t make tea with a carpetbag.

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Tea Baggers are not Republicans. Generally they are Libertarians, posing as Republicans.

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@BarnacleBill :: Why do they run on the Republican Ticket? Socialist run under a third party. It isn’t hard.

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They run on the Republican ticket because they don’t generally have the funding to run their own candidates. They’re not really that well organized. Think “Ross Perot.” The purpose of the third party is not to actually win and have to be accountable for anything, but to stir up shit.

Thomas Friedman’s column last month in the NYT does a good job of dissecting the tea baggers. They identify with Republicans because they are even further to the right than Republicans. They can deliver votes for the Republicans by aligning with their candidates.

Perhaps more than a two party system, we need a five party system to reflect the full spectrum of positions: Libertarian, Republican, Moderate, Democrat, Socialist. It’s that solid block in the middle that seems to be under-represented.

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The jellies on this thread?

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Republcans could be Teabaggers….but, as a rule of thumb from what i’ve read, they don’t like Repubs either. My question has always been, where were the teabaggers when George W Bush was spending more $$$ than all the other Presidents combined! What 11 trillion… Also, where were the teabaggers when Bush bailout the banks in 2008? Personally, that leaves only one conclusion, that teabaggers could be motivated by racism, not all, but certainly some of them.

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The silent majority. you just can’t hear them!

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The Mods. What do they think, they run the place?

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@AstroChuck When we go through mod training, we have to learn the famous FDR quote. “Speak loudly, and carry a big stick to bash spammers with.” We can’t help but be loud, it’s in the training.

@Hypocrisy_Central / @BarnacleBill / @johnpowell / @BoBo1946 but golly guys, they’ve been discussing all the huge differences between Republicanism and Teabagianism here! It’s clear as night and day. …I still don’t see it.

Unfortunately, Fluther isn’t split 50/50 between (for example) Liberals and Conservatives. So while I see more Liberal voices, that doesn’t really mean that each of them is louder than the Conservatives, but that collectively they’re louder.

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oh well… i love chopped liver!

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@BoBo1946 There ya go, I fixed it, you’re no longer chopped liver to me!

and I’d like to change my answer. Bobo is the most vocal group on Fluther!

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Lmao…... got’cha!

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@Sarcasm:Didn’t Teddy Roosevelt and not FDR say that? Or something like that?

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@Sarcasm Teabaggers are hiding behind the premises that there is no fiscal responsibility in government and that would include King George and company (Repubs)!

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Right, anachronous references to tea-parties and King George are starting to get confusing!

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@The_Idler ditto… the teabaggers lost me a longtime ago. Their position is confusing.

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@Sarcasm You are mistaken. I believe it is Milo.

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Actually Teddy said “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far”
1. Diplomacy, 2. Guns

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@Sarcasm- I believe you are referring to FDR’s cousin Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy is the one who said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”, not Franklin.

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Ummmmmm Teabagger vs. Republicans…...and I thought some of the more vocal groups would be slugging it out. :-P

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The tiny but loud sub-group of me, myself, and I.

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I belong to “atheist” “gay and TG” “feminist” “pro-choice” and “democrats” my group wins.

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