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Do I have to have a PhD to be successful in life?

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Is the postmodern rural southwest suitable country for old men?

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Will I give @ccatron a million dollars?

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haha, nice

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Am I pretty?

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Will anyone ever really, fundamentally change?

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Will fluther-ers ever stop giving amusing yet slightly insulting comments?


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Will you marry me?

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is fluther run by aliens ?

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Is Fluther a front for the CIA?

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@breedmitch – AMAZING QUESTION!! XD

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In my lifetime will my language seem philosophical or ethical to scientists? Or will I just get extra pints for following tags?

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Is this rhetorical?

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does fluther suck?

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Will any intelligent people read this and think to themselves, “What the…? That’s not even a question.”?

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@ spendy exactly… April Fools

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Did my bed eventually crack?

Not yet. ;-)

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*shakes a magic 8 ball

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@gooch – that WAS the question I chose to post (not an actual question), to which the answer would be NO. I understand the concept of April Fools + the Fluther flip-flop ;) But thanks!

@Riser – good one!

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What does no mean?

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Is John McCain going to be our next president?

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Can i get a new bum, mine has a crack in it?

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Coud one ask a shorter question on fluther?

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Was Obama born in America?

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