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Quickest way to get rid of cough and stuffy nose?

Asked by Drewseph (530points) October 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

It’s really hard sleeping with these conditions…

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I would put a shotgun to my face if they had never made NyQuil. If you can get some you will be a happy camper.

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Go and see your doctor and ask him if he has anything for it!

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A shot of Peppermint Schnapps always helps me…

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Stay away from Nasal Spray, it is the Devil. It gets you hooked and your nose ends up worse.

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Avoid dairy, as it increases mucus production, drink plenty of liquids to keep the mucus thinned out, and get lots of sleep. NyQuil and DayQuil will help manage the symptoms, but in general, a cold will take about 10 days to get over, no matter what you do.

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Use anything with the brand name Vicks. They contain menthol, to help you breathe better.
Here is their website.
Hope you begin to feel better soon

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See, liquids, menthol… Peppermint Schnapps, the way to go! (Seriously, I can’t handle most cold medicines. They make me feel worse than the cold itself. I really do take schnapps. But hot mint tea might help, too. Also, I have a friend who swears by colloidal silver, but it won’t help with the symptoms, just maybe help the cold go away faster.)

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Antihistamine. it will dry your nose and help to end your cough, because of draining.

The cheapest is at WalMart. the Equate brand. as good as the brand name. i take it all the time.

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Gargle 3x’s a day with 50/50 vinegar and very warm water. Have lots of chicken soup, do the NeilMed to clear out the sinuses and sleep a lot if you are able.

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I find that the stuffy nose you get with a cold isn’t helped much by medicines like decongestants. So you end up breathing through your mouth when you sleep, and this dries out your mouth and throat, giving you a worse sore throat. Soooo…. I suggest using a humidifier until the cold passes, and my personal favorite for the cough is Halls mentho-eucalyptus cough drops.

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Honey and lemon drink is also very good to soothe your throat

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Zycam as soon as it starts, Emergen-C and a Nettie pot. In the last 5 years the only cold that has really kicked my butt was the one that I didn’t use Zycam. It’s the best. Zinc lisenges also help, but you have to use them early on. Otherwise, chicken soup and bed rest and you’ll feel better in about 10 days. Zycam knocks it down to 3–5 days.

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Got lots of answers: Try flushing your sinuses with a nasal pot. It’s kinda disgusting but it works. Take a steamy shower first and then flush them, I’ve also had a lot of success with the Walgreens version of TheraFlu liquid. It’s called Wal-Flu…gotta be the night time version. There’s also a multi-symptom tablet by Tylenol and again by Walgreens. It’s great for me because sometimes it’s your sinuses and sometimes it’s your allergies and sometimes it’s both. It treats both so you won’t waste time treating the wrong thing. Another MUST is the Refresh Herbal Tea from Starbucks! Hope this helps!

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@Judi has got it, Zicam and a neti pot. I would add a quart of Tom Yum Kung (hot and sour soup). Better than chicken soup! The spices open up the sinuses!

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For anyone hooked on nasal spray, Flonase really helps bring down the enflamation inside the nose. I am so stoked to be breathing out my nose right now. Was hooked on nasal spray for about two months, it sucks breathing through your mouth when trying to sleep, it’s almost like suffocating.

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