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What would make a person from bank of America, come out to my house that I'm renting and want my name, and phone number, and also take a few pics?

Asked by Bobbilynn (565points) October 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

I pay $900.00 dollars a month for 700 sq ft, with a fenced in yard .
Yesterday a guy knocks on the door from Bank of America, asks my name, how long I have Lived here and my phone number.

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OOOOPPSIE The owner maybe late in payments, or . . . . . .

There might be a clause in their mortgage about owner must be occupant ?

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I hope you shut the door in his face, he has no business doing that without prior warning and explanation. Sounds very fishy. If he really was from Bank of America, you could call them and ask, or complain or something.

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Sounds very suspicious.

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^ It sounds fishy to me. I would have asked him for the phone number to his bank branch and for his name, and then called them to confirm and get more info on why he was at your house. Then I might have answered some of his questions.

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I would have called my landlord and asked if there was supposed to be someone there from Bank of America before allowing him on the property. I would still notify the landlord now, after the fact.

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The owner of the property should have contacted you. Does sound suspicious.

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I would have called the landlord before doing anything else and let them know that someone was there and asking questions and taking pictures. You should definitely call your landlord and ask them what’s going on.

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I was caught off guard for sure, didn’t ask a thing….in fact just gave my info! Working 3rd shift, at 2:30 pm I’m a zombie!

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I’m calling now!

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@Bobbilynn You gave them your personal information? You need to follow-up with the landlord and find out who that person was.

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You might also want to call Bank of America and see if you can at least confirm they sent someone to your address (if the landlord doesn’t know what’s going on). If your landlord doesn’t know what’s going on, they also need to call Bank of America and find out.

If your landlord has been missing payments, the bank could be planning to start the foreclosure process. You definitely need to know what’s going on.

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Yes, it was the bank, and yes it is that he is behind on the payments! My house is the size of a shoe box on the outside of town, he lives in huge house in town and is letting this house payments slip? I just don’t get it!! I’m upset that every month I’m on time and he acts like he is doing me a fovor buy taking my money for this (dump) in my eyes!!

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Calling B of A will do no good. They are a bunch of idiots and I promise they will not talk to you.
Your Landlord is probably behind on their payments and you should prepare yourself for foreclosure.
Bank of America will probably now call their insurance company and notify them that it’s a rent (if they don’t already know) and raise their rate. You might want to get renters insurance in case they are canceled.
Then again, Bank of America is so stupid they could have just gone to the wrong house. They once sent someone to mow our lawn (right after the gardener had been there) when the house down the street was going up for auction. We were wondering why so many people were suddenly driving by our house (it was on the market) and found out they were giving out the wrong address.

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Has the landlord been keeping up the mortgage payments? Is the house heading toward foreclosure?
It’s worth calling the owners and letting them know what happened.

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@Bobbilynn Since you know what’s going on now. I would start looking for another place to live just in case. Did you sign a lease agreement with your landlord? How much longer is on the lease? You might want to talk to a lawyer to find out what your rights are since the owner is not paying his mortgage.

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The inspector was probably checking that the property is occupied. If it is vacant, they will foreclose faster.

Keep an eye on your county recorder website and run reports on your landlord’s name. Look for what is called a “Notice of Default.” That means that foreclosure is imminent. You’ll also see a notice of the foreclosure itself, if it goes that far.

And yes, get out of there.

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And check out this link.

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@crisw good information

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Could be a scammer . . . not from BoA.

Or maybe they are foreclosing on the real owner . . . or something like that.

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I had the same thing happen at my rental and then they (the bank) foreclosed on it and gave us 90 days and 3 grand to leave…

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Thanks to all…..and the bank is trying to take it! I’m looking now for a place to stay:(

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All it might be is that the owner wishes to re-finance.

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I am sorry that the bank will want to take this from the owner Bobilynn. it doesn’t really necessarily mean that you have to move.
Foreclosures take forever, and banks are very interested in keeping renters. New owners might be ,too.

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