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What children's show was this?

Asked by NinjaBiscuit (605points) October 22nd, 2010

Okay, I’m not sure if it was on the PBS station or not.. but I remember when I was very young I would watch this show every morning. Somewhere around middle to late 80’s, early 90’s.

It wasn’t a cartoon, and it had a guy in this grey, air force-looking jump suit and he would teach you how to draw different things, and he would have different guests come in and ‘visit’ him. He would draw on this very large top-flip pad of paper on an easel. At the very end of every show he would say some small speech and it was always the same.. I don’t remember most of it, but one part of it was ” just being the way you are.” I also remember him having a moustache.

I absolutely loved this show as a kid and learned to draw several different things from this guy. Does anyone know what this show was called?

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ARGH nevermind, after years of looking and I finally ask the question online I found it. It was Mark Kistler who did the show.

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If it is any consolation, I did the same thing once with a question on Fluther. You can either flag your question and request that the moderators remove the question, or wait and see if anyone else responds with fond memories of the same show. I’d go with the latter option, after watching one of his shows on YouTube.

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I used to watch the Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw Show. My drawings never came out like his.

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I know exactly what show you’re talking about! That guy got me so excited once I think I was about 5 years old because he taught me how to draw foot prints in the snow!... Though technically not in the snow… It was a picture I drew of a house covered in snow and the foot prints were outside of the house. =]

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Oh my, I think know this. That is Curt Visca with his show It’s Curtoon Time!.

I know this because I’ve had this odd desire to bake this dude some Snickerdoodles.

^.^ lol

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I think it was “Commander” Mark Kistler and the Secret City Adventures.
oops—looks like you already answered your own question

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@gasman Yes! Commander Mark Kistler. That was such an awesome show. And yeah, I answered it myself after years of searching. Lol.

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