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How do I make a 3D print ad using Poser Pro 2010?

Asked by mistic84 (259points) October 22nd, 2010

I have never used any type of 3D animation software and was asked by my boss to “figure it out.”

He wants a building, text and a male figure in the picture.

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I would not recommend creating the entire poster in Poser. Poser is specifically for character modeling. So it would be helpful to create the male model in poser and then export him into a JPG file or something you can work with in Photoshop. If you’ve never worked with 3D software, I would really not recommend using it for the first time to create something for the professional work space (like a print ad). A simple graphics or photo editing software will be much more forgiving and less time consuming.

However, should you decide to pursue the project in Poser or another 3D program… you can create the building and text in photoshop and then pull in the male model to create what you need.

You can also check out for a lot of really great high-end graphics. Doing it this way will be a bit pricey, but it’ll save time. Good luck!!

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Thanks! Are they’re any tutorials for beginners that you can recommend? I feel bad that he spent so much on the software that he can’t even use.

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