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What should my friend call his new shop that sells homemade food?

Asked by pizzapie (28points) October 22nd, 2010

My friend is opening up a shop that sells lots of different kinds of food that is all homemade.

Any recommendations for a name for the shop?

It needs to be something memorable obviously so that people passing by can immediately understand what the shop is about.

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Aunt Bea’s. The name reminds me of the Andy Griffith show and home cooking.

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Fine Fayre

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[name]‘s Pantry

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Marketing and advertising companies and freelance writers like me charge LOTS of $$$ to come up with new names…you’re very fortunate to have Fluther at your fingertips. You might want to submit a bit more info about your friend’s shop. Oh—and by the way—I don’t think I ever came up with a name that I wasn’t told, “Make it memorable.” That’s the name of the game.

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Is the shop going to have seats and chairs? Or is it to go only?

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Just Like Mom Used To Make.

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Dinner to Go

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Yo Mama’s!

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Made With Love.

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Ajax’s ! There is one here that is locally owned and the best soul food I’ve ever eaten. Plan on waiting at least an hour. Nothing fancy, just a nice “mom and pop” place to eat.

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Homestyle fed bag.

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Fallout Foods, then he can make some preserved foods that would be useful in case of disaster.

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Family Dinner?

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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What kinds of home made food are we talking about here? Jams and jellies, cakes and bread, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, soup? I need more details.

What I’ve come up with so far without the details are:
Jelly’s Last Jam
Just Like Home
There’s No Place Like Home ‘Cept Here (with an illustration of Dorothy holding a wooden spoon and mixing bowl with a tornado being stirred up)
Is it Soup Yet?
Lick the Spoon
The Mixin’ Bowl
Bakery Schmakery
The Root Cellar

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I Made This.

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Cookin’ from Scratch

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Going by @Austinlad ‘s answer, which I love, I think just plain old Scratch would be pretty good too.

I also love @laureth ‘s choice.

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@Kardamom, I LOVE SCRATCH. Great idea.

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Here’s one that sounds kind of raunchy, but it’s still funny: The Pie Whole or the Cake Whole.

But I still think Scratch is the best one I’ve heard so far. Where is the writer to this question? I’m dying to find out what they pick and to hear what kinds of food they make.

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Fingers, Forks, and Spoons.

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