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Have you been to the top of the Eiffel Tower?

Asked by flutherother (30468points) October 22nd, 2010

When did you visit, and why were you there?

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This summer. We were tourists. If you go, you should get an advance pass, otherwise you’ll wait in line for hours.

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Mais oui! C’est tres bien.

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Oui! ~1996 with my best friend and her mother while on vacation. I had my long hair cut off while in Paris in an attempt to look like Audrey Hepburn. My friend called me ‘little boy’ for the rest of the trip.

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No but I have been at the base. Looked up & a pigeon shat on my head. I was a kid on holiday with the family.

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I was there in 1980, on honeymoon. I remember standing on a section of glass floor with nothing beneath me but air and the very distant ground.

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Only the one in Las Vegas, but it was still pretty spectacular. We went up to the top at night and watched the dancing fountains across the street at the Bellagio. I think the one in Vegas is about half the size of the real one. Hopefully, someday, I’ll make it to the real one.

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Yeah almost, the very top was closed off at that time. But we went pretty high up there. It was back in ‘97. Went with some friends, it was so much fun. Met some girls from the south of France, and we told them we were from Hollywood, well I lived close to Hollywood. It was awesome. We got ambushed by the police while pissing on the tower, they thought we were with this guy that was climbing it. He was there the night we were, this guy that climbs buildings around the world, like the human fly or some shit. I actually fell in love for the first time at first sight underneath the tower.

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I jumped off of the top of the Eiffel Tower with a parachute…in Second Life.

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Yeah, a few years ago, I’m not sure why I was there, I just kinda wandered in off the street.

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Yay for really old questions you can still answer. I was there in the summer of 1991, for a school French Exchange program. We went all over the place, and the Eiffel Tower was one of those places. We went to a couple of castles and I can’t remember exactly the location of the caves we visited but they were apparently the hiding place of the Jews in the second world war. Lots of things to see in France, but the Tower was not the most impressive sight for me, the castles were.

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Nope, it’s on my bucket list though. The only place I’ve been to in Europe is Brussels, and I was only in the airport.

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