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Because it is INCREDIBLY unstable and you could lose an eye.

Asked by purephase (749points) April 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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Why shouldn’t I throw a pencil at someone snoring in my accounting class?

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why cant i stand up on the swing set?

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Why shouldn’t I balance a lawnmower on my broomstick?

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Why shouldn’t I code in Ruby?

oooo, burn!

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Why shouldn’t I fill a syringe with water and then drop some dry ice in it?

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Why shouldn’t I bring potassium nitrate into a cadaver lab?

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heres the question from my friend whose major is chem:
“why shouldn’t i bond with astatine?”

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Why shouldn’t the little boy in Christmas Story have a bb gun?

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why can’t i have a red rider?

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Why can’t I poke at the corporate media?

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why can’t i order the betamax to HD-DVD converter or the youtube tazer from

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why should i not argue with my gf when she is having her period?

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Why can’t I stand on the roof of a moving semi?

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