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Would you weigh yourself in front of a crowd or is that a private thing?

Asked by Frenchfry (7569points) October 22nd, 2010

I have seen some fat camps on TV . Biggest loser is a big one, where you weigh yourself in front of people. Would you? Or is it private? Especially if you weighed a lot.

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I wouldn’t mind being weighed in front of an audience. Unless I am doing something important and you disturb me, like sleeping. In fact I will tell you how much I weigh. 102 lbs.

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Either is fine with me! I weigh 255…but, have a large frame and I’m 6’4”!

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Personally, I don’t care.

I wish they wouldn’t weight them on the Biggest Loser shirtless and the women in their sprots bras. It seems demeaning.

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I say I wouldn’t mind but I don’t know because I’ve never been so big as to completely repulse myself. I can see where I wouldn’t. That show is cool but like @Deja_Vu, I don’t like to see the shirtless men and minimal clothes women- that part I think I’d have a sad time with in public if I was that big. Screw how much I weigh, just don’t broadcast my blub.

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I wouldn’t be afraid to weigh myself in front of a crowd. It’s the crowd who came to look I’d be scared of.

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If I had agreed to be on the show and new that was part of it, obviously I would do it. In real life and in the shape I’m in now? Hell no.

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It’s probably easy for me to say this because I am not over weight but I don’t care who knows how much I weigh.

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@Leanne1986 I’m the same. Okay, I’m a little bit overweight but not much, and I don’t really care. I wouldn’t do it in my underwear though.

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I know I’ve overweight and don’t plan to tell the world my weight. To me it’s private.

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HAHA, U KNOW I DONT REALLY MIND TELLING THE WHOLE WORLD HOW MUCH I WEIGH cos i dont weiigh a lot, around 45 stones
but seriously they need to change the wardrobe on that show…

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If I was getting paid I would do it but they would have to pay me 5 times more than I weighed or more to make it worth my while. YIKES! I am a old lady I do not even like my hubby to know that :)

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@Deja_vu said it well. Why they make the “contestants” on the Biggest Loser do that ..I don’t know but it seems wrong to me.
Then again, maybe that’s part of the process of accepting/admitting just how big one has gotten? Many overweight people know they are overweight, but don’t realise just how overweight until they see themselves in photos or video.

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