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I had a weird dream last night. Can someone please explain it?

Asked by HamstarOfFate (67points) October 22nd, 2010

So in my dream I was up a tree because I was being chased by two or three wolves. My boyfriend (we’ll call him Bob) and my best friend (we’ll call him Fred) came to my rescue. Bob fought off the wolves while Fred climbed the tree to get me down because I have a fear of heights and refused to move on my own. Although Bob put himself in more danger, in the end I appreciated Fred more.

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Ask yourself what it might mean: what do wolves symbolise to you?

Do you feel under pressure from something in your life?

Do you feel the need to be helped by friends, and does this make you feel powerless or vulnerable?

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You’re the only one who can explain your dreams.

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Well, how about this:
In your life you had felt some sort of danger, this could be a real danger or any situation of emotinal distress, which led you to “climb up a tree”, like the expression: somehow fortress yourself where you would be safe, but also got stuck with the consequences.
Two men in your life serve as “saviors”, might you be in conflict about emotions that you hold to both? or to “fred” more than “bob” despite that “bob” is your boyfriend?
Or that something makes you take “bob” for granted whereas you find it easier to appreciate “fred” for who he is?

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I do not think that @CyanoticWasp is that far off. Maybe she has this desperate need for something in a relationship that has only been seen by qualities displayed in Fred, while she sees Bob’s actions in her life as curtailing her options to be happy in life and to “find herself?” Or no.

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In our dreams, we see ‘what if?’, but such visions do not always reflect reality. Ask yourself, what would Bob do in the waking world? What would Fred do? If then you find that the answer is reflective of your dream, then perhaps you should consider its implications more seriously.

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Does “Fred” or your boyfriend “Bob” have a beard??

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@truecomedian I don’t even know what that would have to do with anything…

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Beards are where all life comes from, beards are the beginning and the end, they are all. Kidding kidding…

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Maybe you actually like fred more than bob.

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It means you are afraid of heights.
Fred is not.
Bob is not afraid of wolves.

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I thought of a cool screen name “Nucleus Beast”

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