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How many other Jellies do you know outside of Fluther?

Asked by Foolaholic (5796points) October 22nd, 2010

Just curious. I can think of 6.

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Face to face: 6

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Besides my husband, three. Sakata, jfarmer1978 & Ibinva78.

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Just Katawgrey in person, (she’s my daughter and finally convinced me to join) but I’m Facebook friends with about 5 others, some of whom I may actually face to face with.

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Like maybe 2 or 3
That’s mainly because I’ve met them before joining fluther

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Technically none. I have one friend that made an account and never used it. My husband also has an account that I believe he used.. once?

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In person – none yet. IM and email a few.

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Oh, I have a handful on my facebook page – are we counting that?

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big fat zero

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None, but there are a few in the area, and I would be willing to meet them.

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What ^^^ said. There are a few I’d really like to meet – in a well lit place, of course.
Actually, I don’t tell anyone I know that I visit here. A guilty pleasure?

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I talk to quite a few online. In person, I think 3.

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I’m friends with marcismyhero (who is never around anymore).
I’ve met aprilsimnel and shockvalue, both very nice folks.
And I talked to Ben’s mom on the phone once…

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I knew 2 when I started. Picked up another on the way, but they have all left. I am really good with that. It allows me to be upfront and honest about a lot of lifes problems I have seen to this point.

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I didn’t know any before I joined Fluther, now I am Facebook friends with a few but have never met them face to face.

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maybe two… but I’m not sure they are really sneaky

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Sadly none in person.

A handful on Facebook (but I’m not on there much anymore).

I’d love to meet me some jellies. please come to Boston for the Springtime

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I think it would be three, but I knew them before I joined Fluther. It was kind of weird how we met each other on here, though.

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I know of two that I would like to meet, bur I as of yet, have not.

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I’m engaged to one. I’ve met @Andrew, @raredenver, @ninahenry obviously, am currently with the fiance & @cage. I think that’s it. However two of my closest girly friends are jellies, and also three of my closest guy friends. Not sure if they think the same of me but I DONT CARE.

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@cprevite I’m staying here with friends and they’ve got lots of room.

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@chyna: ha ha! Joan Baez FTW.

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I’ve met 9 face-to-face.
It’ll be 10, soon!

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None yet. I meet my first one, @timtrueman, Thursday!

I sincerely love a few jellies and hope to meet them.

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@free_fallin TWO MORE DAYS!

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I just counted those in my Fluther and there’s exactly 30 that I know in real life.

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@chyna :D YESYES

@timtrueman Holy batman. That’s A LOT.

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