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Who accomplished less: Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins?

Asked by cockswain (15269points) October 22nd, 2010

Luke whined all the time, got his friends captured, and didn’t even really need to be on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi. Han got the job done.

Frodo just went on a long walk for three movies, then punked out at the very end. Samwise got the the job done.

Who was more worthless?

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I will watch this Q. I love a good nerdfight!

That said, I go with Luke being more worthless.

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Luke could take Frodo with his Jedi mind-meld and lightsaber, so I’m gonna go with Frodo being more worthless. But Luke loses points for incestuous thoughts – until he discovered Leia was his sister, that is. Maybe. Nope – I’m gonna go with both being losers.

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I’m going with Frodo. You’re absolutely spot on about that, Sam and Aragorn did it all.

Whereas Luke at least destroyed the Death Star and helped to save Leia and delivered R2D2 to Obiwan Kenobi.

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@seazen : You’re mixing up your terms. It’s Jedi mind tricks and Vulcan mind meld.
Silly boy.

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@shrubbery But they just built another Death Star anyways. For that matter, Obiwan didn’t do shit either. That guy raised Darth Vader. Fuck Obiwan.

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@cockswain ; thanks, I thought I was going to be alone in the Luke-Bashing camp. You’ve earned a cookie.

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Frodo is nothing. All he did was serve as a courier.

Luke on the other hand blew up the death star, fought Darth Vader twice, etc.

Frodo can go suck eggs.

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@JilltheTooth My vote is for Luke as least beneficial to his movie.

@FutureMemory He could have just avoided Darth Vader and it would have made no difference. Why did he bother going to the Death Star in Jedi? Just more whining while the Emperor messed him up in front of his dad. Then Han and Lando did all the heavy lifting.

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1. Luke Skywalker was the cause of most of the problems in Empire and Jedi, so he achieved a lot, but the achievements weren’t what the Rebels needed. Examples include coming to the trap set for him on Bespin, and joining the landing party on Endor, thus tipping off Vader to the rebel’s presence.

2. Frodo walked a hell of a long way. Plus he had to hang around with a a gay fat guy and a creepy thin dude for a few years. Plus he had to do it barefoot.

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Damn. I have to go now. Don’t clean up the blood til I’ve seen it, K?

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@bluemukaki that was really funny

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@cockswain The Emperor would not have died had Luke not fought Darth Vader on the Death Star in RotJ – he only met his end because Darth couldn’t take seeing his son being killed by the crusty old lightning bolt guy. If Luke wasn’t being harmed by the Emperor, Darth wouldn’t have had reason to turn on him.

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@noelleptc I don’t see weenies anywhere. I mean…err…

The mods have been cleaning up our ‘creative’ topics…so sad :/

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@JilltheTooth I only mix things up intentionally, dear. It’s part of my quirky charm. Next time, you’ll get a phaser death ray.

Apparently, Mods can be weenies, too. Just saying.

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I gotta say Luke was the underachiever. Frodo had pure evil hanging from his neck, sapping his energy, for months. Luke ended up nearly blowing the whole thing, even giving up the fact he had a sister.

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You are all wrong! Both of them are awesome! ::goes and cries in the corner::

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Cons: whines constantly, didn’t properly grieve for Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, whined in the bar and forced Obi-Wan to cut off a walrus guy’s arm, whined about the Millenium Falcon’s condition, complained about the not being able to see with the blast shield down, whined about Han Solo’s lack of desire to rescue Leia from the detention center, whined into the mic about the trash compactor, whined when Obi-Wan got killed, maybe got Wedge killed, made out with his sister, made Han risk his life saving him from the Yeti thing, got stuffed in a tauntaun, whined the whole time he was with yoda, didn’t listen to yoda or Obi-Wan, got Lando and Han to dislike each other for a while, got his friends captured by the Empire, got Han frozen in carbonite, got Han tortured a bit, pissed off his dad so bad he cut Luke’s hand off, whined about meeting his dad, acted like a pretty big douche when he met Jabba, killed Jabba’s pet rancor, got his ass whipped with the Emperor’s lightning, got his dad killed, got Han and those guys cover blown on Endor, hung out with Ewoks.

Pros—got Han involved in the whole thing, stopped making out with his sister


Cons—whined a lot, wasn’t very tough, didn’t have any special powers, was sort of weak-willed, constantly got Sauron looking at him, didn’t really show Samwise proper respect, got caught by a big spider, got caught by Orcs, hung out with Gollum, didn’t actually throw the ring in the lava (which was the only thing he was supposed to do), made that really lame face at the end of the last movie while looking at his friends before getting on the boat,

Pros—hung out with Gandalf and Aragorn

I’m sticking with Luke as the lamest.

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Luke, but he is still a Jedi, and hobbits are boring.

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hung out with Ewoks.

didn’t really show Samwise proper respect.

I rofl’d hard.

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Luke makes me puke! He really should have sat on his own lightsaber & internally fried himself. Would have made for a far more entertaining franchise. The boy was a total pussy. That’s not to say that i’m a fan of Frodo, just needed to to have my say on the boy blunder.

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I can’t believe the heresy in this thread. Those of you old enough to remember seeing Episodes 4–5-6 in the theater should be ashamed.

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Froddo was part Ewok wasnt he.

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Nobody gives a fuck about Frodo.

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I was expecting more blood. How the hell else can I get my vicarious virtual violence fix than from a nerd-fight? C’mon, guys, let’s get REALLY PISSED OFF here!!

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Froddo did less.

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Oh, I want to see the ^ obscene remark – just saying.

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If that was obscene, I wonder if I found a link to the Clerks 2 scene where he talks about LOTR if that would also be removed.

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Who accomplished less: Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins?

Frodo. All he had to do is drop a ring into Mount Doom, after walking for a long time.

Luke, while pretty much useless, blew up the deathstar and faced Vader three times. He actively fought in the rebellion and he didn’t have no stinking Mithril protecting his hide. He also didn’t have as many people looking out for him. He lost his hand while Frodo only lost a finger.

@cockswain When did Wedge Antilles die in the films? Answer: Never.

Although I would like to see Luke fight the Nine, if they had lightsabers instead of Morgul-blades. Hell, even just the Witch-king of Angmar. Ouch. Aragorn versus Luke in a swordfight…. Sorry but Luke would die like the whinny little punk he is.

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Now which one is the lamest? This is harder.

Frodo is actually very brave for a little hobbit and volunteers to destroy the ring, even though he rather go home. Luke however wants to leave home to fight the Empire, is brash, foolish and doesn’t listen to anyone (not his uncle or aunt, obi-wan, han, leia, his father, yoda, his guidance computer.). Luke acts like a tool almost the whole time, but has moments of maturity. He grows up a little. Frodo goes from brave little hobbit to weakling ring-junkie, from a happy campier to a grumpy camper. But then again, he has to carry an evil object around for like, for-fucking-ever. Conclusion, Frodo is lame but Luke is lamest.

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From Clerks II: ”Even the fucking trees walked in those movies.
I have to say though, I am very excited for the Hobbit and that I enjoyed The LOTR movies.

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@everephebe Wedge wasn’t one of those x-wing guys that died? I thought he blew up. Maybe that was Red 5, or Gold Leader or something.

Just thinking about Luke again has irritated me. But I can’t say I share your excitement about the Hobbit. Hobbits are pretty creepy and lame in general.

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Wedge was Red Two in IV and he is in all three movies. His X-wing was damaged and was forced to retreat. And in a fun note of trivia, the actor who plays Wedge is Ewan Mcgregor’s uncle. Luke is Red Five.
I’m gonna look up the one other survivor. He was a Y-wing pilot (Gold 7) and dies in Empire, I think?

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Frodo is completely worthless, but for some reason HE gets to go to the undying lands.

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