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How does Superman get his hair cut?

Asked by AstroChuck (37363points) October 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

Shouldn’t he have really long hippy hair? My understanding is that nothing can penetrate his skin and that scissors would break if you tried to give him “short back and sides”. Yet his hair always seems to be the perfect length. So what’s his secret? Where does he go where they can cut his hair? And by the way, I’m serious here. This question has had to come up.

And extra lurve your way if you don’t write that he gets his haircuts at Supercuts.

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You know, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him getting his hair cut.

Maybe it’s an additional super power of his to have his hair at whatever length he feels is appropriate.

Then again, he might do it Hancock style.

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He gets buzzed by the navy and air force planes. Duh!

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He’s a live man of steel but his hair would still be dead and able to be cut off as a result. But I don’t think he and Lorena would have met with the same kind of Bobbit disaster that she did with her spouse.

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I remember a cartoon that answered this question.
Superman looked in the mirror and used his x-ray vision to give himself a shave.

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If he’s really a Man of Steel, then I’d say he probably has someone use an acetylene torch, maybe touched up with a 4” angle grinder. As he ages—he does age, right?—then a pencil grinder with a burr attachment would be probably be just the thing for those pesky nose and ear hairs.

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I have a compilation book of old Superman comics and I also recall a time he was cutting his hair and nails with x-ray vision. The barber’s scissors were breaking on his hair. I might be able to find the exact issue if someone really wants to know.

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He gets his hair cut at Supercuts. Duh!

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with his heat vision… its how be made his cape..

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It’s that quiff like kiss curl that irks me. I mean Buddy Holly envy or what. Maybe Peggy Sue cuts it…...ah hey hey!

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Heat vision plus an intricate mirror setup.

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Also, I think in one of the movies (where they use his hair to make that super nemesis for him) they had to cut a single hair of his… don’t remember how.

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I always figured that if he is truly super and so incredibly powerful, he is capable of willing his hair to stop growing. FYI, while I am pretty sure Elvis was there the last time I was, I have never seen Superman or Clark Kent at Supercuts. ...that may have been him at Fantastic Sam’s.

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@lillycoyote- No extra lurve for you.

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he goes to a barber shop where the stylists are Korean women. They rub his neck and scalp tenderly during the cut and then at the end he gets a shoulder massage. It’s great.

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@AstroChuck I really need to stop skimming over the details in these questions. I miss a lot of the “details.” I retract my answer and submit this: He doesn’t get his hair cut. When his hair gets a little long he simply reverses time, possibly only the part of the space-time continuum that contains himself, I don’t know. How exactly he reverses time was apparently the subject of a lively debate in Jinxworld several years ago and I’m not sure what the outcome of that was because I only had the patience to read a tiny bit of it. But anyway, that’s what Superman does with his hair. No cut. He just reverses time to a point before his hair grew too long for his clean-cut “truth, justice and the American Way” look.

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Sticks his head in an airplane turbine.

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Has Chuck Norris cuts it with his beard.

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