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What's the cheapest, most reliable way to get a Samsung Vibrant phone?

Asked by melanie81 (792points) October 23rd, 2010

I’d like to upgrade my TMobile phone to a Samsung Vibrant. I don’t mind signing on to another 2 years to get it for $200 in the store, but I’ve seen it as cheap as $100 online. However, is it trustworthy to buy unlocked phones via ebay? and should I be cautious when buying for less than what it sells for in the store?

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Ebay would be my choice, I got a buddy who cells phones on there, but I lost touch with him. Unlocked phones work with any carrier right, what the big deal about that?? Ebay is a pain in the ass though, but your probably smarter than me and can get one cheap there. Good luck.

I take that back, Ebay looked really exspensive, and alot of them were specifically for a certain carrier, sorry Im not much help.

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@truecomedian haha, no problem – thanks!

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I would also try website like craiglist or kijiji
sometime price there is cheaper than ebay + no worries about shipping :)

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