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How do you choose between identical twins or triplets?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) October 23rd, 2010

In regard to identical twins or triplets how does one pick? Say you have Brandon, Hanson, and Andon and they style their hair exactly alike, as well as dress, they have very similar likes and hobbies how would a gal pick who to date? If you had Sheila and Shirley and they are like two bookends or a mirror image of the next, if they were at a coffee café’ at the mall how or what method would a guy use on which to approach for a number or to date? Or would he go after both and settle on who took the bait 1st? How do you decide when the choice is so narrow you can hardly slide a playing card between it edgewise?

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I would worry that if I went on more than one date with a twin, was I getting the same twin in the second date? I could just imagine them pulling a fast one on me.

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But what if their personalities are the same too?

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@downtide Then you flip a coin, duh.

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People choose one twin over another all the time. No one is identical inside and out.

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You make them sound as if they were dolls on a shelf with no self volition. As if they are all just lined up waiting for you to “pick one”.
One would think that one would build up a relationship and then just ask out one with whom they had been interacting and see how it goes.
The way you’re making it sound, you might just as well say “Eenie, meenie, miny, mo.”

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As a stepmother to twins, I have to point out that although twins can have a unique connection with one another.. they undoubtedly have unique and special personalities that can set them apart. Even identical twins can have slight differences in their appearance that become more noticeable as you get to know them, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the mind’s eye picks up on them before we consciously realise it.
Most of the time attraction is not something we actively think about. It comes naturally, you see a person and feel drawn to them. I’ve never run into a pair of twins at a bar or in a random setting where I might have seen two together and potentially been attracted to them as a stranger. But I had a crush on a twin in highschool, and the other brother never even factored into the equation. I knew which one I liked. The fact that his brother looked just like him meant absolutely nothing.

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You’ve never had contact with twins of any sort? The personalities aren’t the same even if they share preferences or even physical gestures and voice inflections. Like anyone, I think you should get to know them a bit before choosing to date, that is if you’ve got a choice.

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I’d go for twins. Less dangerous than having triplets.

Oh. You meant choosing from within the cohort, not which kind of cohort you’d like to have. My bad.

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If you can’t tell the difference, then you aren’t really paying attention. They are just as different as any other two siblings.

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@noelleptc Dang! That sounds like a movie, did you write a script?

@Trillian One would think that one would build up a relationship and then just ask out one with whom they had been interacting and see how it goes. If they were strangers at a café, or the boardwalk and you did not have time to get into a relationship if they were so similar as to not be able to tell the supple differences between them how to pick in that situation is what I was alluding to.

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Did you mean subtle ? (Willem Dafoe imitation from Boondock Saints) The sssssssubtle differences?
I’d say that for your intents and purposes it really wouldn’t matter. The only question is whether or not a pair of twins or set of triplets would stand around and allow you to choose one like you were in a massage parlor.
Like I said, Eenie, meenie, miny, mo.

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I really don’t think that’s an issue, actually, for people who actually know the individuals involved.

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