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Guys, have you ever used make up to cover a "blemish" on your face?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

I’m curious :)

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Nope. What exactly is a blemish?

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@noelleptc Ahh, thanks. For me, zit sounds nicer. Blemish sounds like something big, a zit seems like an irregularity.

In any event, I have had my facial hair cover up a “blemish” before, though it certainly wasn’t on purpose.

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No. I’m out of make up at the moment.

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No but I have used it on my arse….I am very self conscious and want to look good in all my pictures.

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Yeah after urinating on this certain D-list celebrity, he did my make up, so we would look fabulous that evening. I had a few blemishes, but was more concerned with covering up the smell of my piss on this guy when we were at the club. No one said nothing. Except he did remind me rather excitedly that he had my pee all over him. Odd. Guess who it was, Bobby Trendy, from the Anna Nicole Smith show. Not a very big celebrity, but an interesting guy noneoftheless.

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Oh. I always figured that a blemish was something more than a zit. Weird.

I never used makeup to cover my acne, I never had single stand-out zits, but rather just a big pizza face that slowly faded away.
When I was 15 or 16 (and my acne had mostly faded out), my parents decided that we would get family portraits done, and the lady there put something on my face. It felt weird and looked weird. I wasn’t a fan.

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I tried once after I got a black eye and broken rib wrestling with a girl I fancied.

I thought I could cover the back eye with make-up. Not easy if you have never used make-up. I wasted about about 20 bucks to make it looks worse.

Protip: Ladies.. Most men hate make-up. Save some cash and stop wearing it.

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@Sarcasm It can be, actually. Sometimes blemish is used to refer to freckles, birthmarks, moles, or discoloration. Most often it is used to refer to a pimple.
@johnpowell Some of us need it. ;)

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My dad does, and he’s a highschool football coach in South Dakota. (he uses it subtly)

For the record, I think the word “blemish” sounds more graceful than zit . . .

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Guys as in hey, you guys/all or guys as in males?
I’m female but both my guys and I have used green concealer sticks to dab on blemishes and bruises. They work great. Physicians Formula makes one with a nice feel to it.

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And I’ve used foundation as it’s meant to be used plenty.

It’s 2010 you know..

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The closest I’ve come to doing that is putting flesh-colored Clearasil on a zit.

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Nope, but I guess that’s since I’ve only had like two pimples my whole life lol.

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Lies, all lies!

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My friend has used make-up to cover his hickeys but not a zit.

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