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Data DVD Cataloguing software?

Asked by albert_e (529points) October 23rd, 2010

I have a number of data CDs and DVDs – I would like to build a catalog / index of all data spread across these disks.

basically, I would like to “search” or “browse” the filenames / directories of all these discs without having to pop in each disc phyisically.

Once I locate a file of my interest in this index, and figure out which disc it is sitting on, I would then pick that specific physical disk, put in my CD drive and get that file.

is there any tool which would let me build a catalog of all my backup data on CDs & DVDs in this fashion?


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Disclaimer: I haven’t looked into these deeply. At a glance, they look like they could be what you’re after. I would do follow-up research, but hopefully these give you a good launching point:

You could also do it manually, depending on the type and volume of information you have. Media wouldn’t be so bad. Accounts / logs, probably bad.

My guess is that free software for this type of thing isn’t very sophisticated. You will probably have to do most of the organizational leg work.

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try cdlib or disclib.

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