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(Poll)Plain water or Carbonated water?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) October 23rd, 2010

Lately I observed that this is a big dispute in my country.Everybody is talking about what kind of water should you drink.Of course there are few people who invent really funny reasons to drink a certain kind of water e.g carbonated water gives you nightmares,plain water makes you more thirsty and this is a conspiration of the companies to make you buy more water.
SO i was just wondering what kind of water is drank on fluther.

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Plain with the occasional glass of mineral water.

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I just drink plain water.

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Plain. I hate the taste of carbonated water.

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I love bubbly water. Specifically Gerolsteiner and Badoit.

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Water from the tap.

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Plain tapwater for me. I hate carbonated anything (except beer).

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Definitely the best thirst quencher is plain water. The only bubbly I like is champagne;-)

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Plain water from the sink. It’s ridiculous to pay for something we get for almost free. I fill up old water bottles if I need to take water with me.

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Plain water.

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Good ol plain tap water.

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Another vote for tapwater.

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I’ve never heard of any of the conspiracies. I’ve just noticed that in the last ten years, people have been convinced to pay lots of money for bottled water. As long as you have good safety standards with your municipal water supply, plain old tap water is just fine. If you think it tastes a little icky, then just get one of those water filters for your tap.

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Bottled water has a better taste than tap water here but it is environmentally damaging (all those bottles) and too expensive—-whatever became of the proposition that pure water is tasteless, colourless and odourless?—

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