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What do you do when someone gives you the finger while driving?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

Do you flip it right back? Yell? Ignore them? Laugh?

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yell something like “fuck youuuu”

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It depends what mood I’m in.
If I’m having a good day, I’ll typically
flash a big smile or give a head nod with a little wave

If I’m grumpy I’ll ocassionally flip the off as well
say something like :REALLLY, reallllly< UGH”
or curse haha.
I dunno depends how I’m feeling.

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I rear my head a little bit and say “Yeah? Fuck you jackass!”

That’s the general template. But it varies. I don’t try to get the person’s attention. It’s just for my own satisfaction. I won’t flip them off but they might get some kind of hand gesture, though that usually takes a lot. Like if someone cuts me off on I-95, pulls right in front of me at 60 miles and hour and then flips me off because I only just barely managed not to rear end him.

Though one time I cut somebody else off and he gave me the finger. Then I just kind of cringed and let him get as far ahead of me as possible.

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If they are on the drivers side and I’m driving I stick out my tongue and lick the window with the a bunch of drool coming out of my mouth. Otherwise I give them the Miss American wave and mouth the words “Thankyou”.

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I usually smile and blow them a kiss ;)

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@Joybird , that just made me laugh out loud, to myself. ha

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I give it none of my attention.

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I just keep driving and ignore it.

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Don’t get much of that out here. Too many people out here have guns hanging on racks in their rear windows. Only the tourists are impolite, and we generally ignore them.

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Whenever I get the finger I smile at them.

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I don’t do anything. I evidently already did it.

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Honestly, I re-evaluate my last minute of driving, and try to figure out if I did something stupid, or cut someone off.
Usually, people are just mad at me for not blowing thru a yellow light, or going at least 10 miles over the limit.

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Had one guy in a motorhome mad at me this morning for not speeding in a construction zone/speed trap. When we got out of the one lane zone and back to normal conditions he tailgated me for about 5 miles.

It is nice to have the HPs private cell number sometimes.

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I haven’t been flipped off in forever. And now that you mention it, I can’t remembr when the last time was that I flipped someone off. The most that I do anymore is try to get a look at the current brand of idiot as I’m going around, just to satisfy my curiosity.

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About the only time I remember being flipped off was when I was a novice driver.

I accidentally cut a guy off. He had to slam on his breaks to avoid rear ending the car I was driving. He flipped me off as he sped by.

I felt that I deserved it and I was very thankful that his 60 MPH Oldsmobile didn’t rear end my dad’s 20 MPH VW bug.

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I proceed to give them the finger in return. My cousin on the other hand is much more devious. One time a car cut him off while he was in the left lane and then they turned back into the right lane. My cousin, still in the left lane. Stayed right next to the car infront of the mean people so that they couldn’t pass him or the people in front of them! It was hillarious! Cuz my cousin has a new mustang and the bastard people had a bug.

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I swerve in front of their car, causing them to t-bone me. With the offender surprised, I have the advantage in beating his/her ass. I get out of my car, pull them out of theirs, and proceed to beat the unholy crap out of them until they are only semi-conscious. I then pull a crowbar out of my trunk and thoroughly trash their car until the cops arrive. I use kung fu to disarm the cops in a non-violent manner and flee on foot. I don’t worry about them figuring out who I am because I have no fingerprints and my car isn’t registered to me. So it’s generally inconvenient for all involved parties to flip me off.

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@cockswain Wow. I’m impressed. If I ever see you coming at me in traffic I’ll know to bypass the phasers and just do a pre-emptive strike with the photon torpedoes! “Warp speed Mr. Zulu!”

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I smile and wave.

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Perhaps think what you might have done? I have been driving in SF and have never found so many seriously awful drivers (cut people off, rarely use signals, tailgate from stop sign to stop sign, honking if you take an extra split second to figure out which of the bad signs you are supposed to follow.) I haven’t given anyone the finger yet, but I’m close. I came of age driving in Cambridge MA, and I can be as horrible a driver as the next guy, but I hate to have to go there. So, people. Think, if someone is mad with your driving, think about what you might have done.

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Easy. I think about the time a guy pointed a gun at me, and I keep the digit in my holster.

It’s not about who’s at fault. It’s about who’s got the bullets. Honest.

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I just think it’s funny lol. People do some fucked up shit during road rage. As long as nobody is hurt, it’s all cool, man.

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Note. Must go to scary avatar thread and vote for @Symbeline.

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Laugh, and flip them back.

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