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Why do you think we don't see 'father in law' jokes?

Asked by BratLady (993points) October 23rd, 2010

We see plenty about ‘mother in law’s.

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Because it is the mother-in-law who handles the relationship. Men don’t really do relationships especially with people attached to them more or less accidentally.

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Because he would come to murder you with a shotgun.

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We do but they are more commonly referred to as dick and fart jokes.

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This particular question is a great example of how one can begin to see patriarchy in every aspect of Western culture. Here is the answer:

“In the West, the pernicious and ugly female stereotype persuaded women to bond with men (not with each other) as they sought to establish their difference from the stereotypically obnoxious women whose existence they did not question. For example, reacting to the profusion of unsavory mother-in-law jokes, even married women were disposed to bond with their husbands against stereotypically oppressive mothers and mothers-in-law. Conventions of joke telling do not allow listeners to question the stereotypes and the values on which the jokes are based [...] The values of society are reflected in its humor. Feminist analysis reveals negative stereotypes of women as a mainstay of patriarchal culture. It further demonstrates that patriarchal humor assists in maintaining the rule of ‘superior’ white males over stereotypically conceived women, children, minorities, and even majorities arbitrarily defined as inferior.” from here.

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Isn’t “Meet the Parents” one big father-in-law joke?

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There are plenty of FIL jokes. Just most of them are set before the wedding instead of after.

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How about this almost father-in-law joke

A mother was walking down the hall when she heard a humming sound coming from her daughters bedroom.

When she opened the door she found her daughter naked on the bed with a vibrator. “What are you doing?” she exclaimed.

The daughter replied, “I’m 35 and still living at home with my parents and this is the closest I’ll ever get to a husband.”

Later that week the father was in the kitchen and heard a humming sound coming from the basement. When he went downstairs, he found his daughter naked on a sofa with her vibrator. “What are you doing?” he exclaimed.

The daughter replied, “I’m 35 and still living at home with my parents and this is the closest I’ll ever get to a husband.”

A couple of days later the mother heard the humming sound again, this time in the living room. Upon entering the room, she found her husband watching television with the vibrator buzzing away beside him. “What are you doing?” she asked.

He replied, “Watching the game with my son-in-law.”

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Because guys are cool as hell.

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AmWiser- I like that one. Thanks.

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@cockswain loll…you could get hurt saying that, but my hat is off for your bravery!

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Because MIL’s are more likely than FIL’s to meddle in a couple’s relationship.

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