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Peer2Peer programs for Mac?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) October 23rd, 2010

I’m new with Mac, lately I wanted to download songs but I keep forgetting that I don’t have Ares on here(in Windows I do). But Ares is a Windows program so I was wondering is there something like Ares or Limewire but for Macbooks?

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Not sure if you are aware of it, or just wanted something else, but Limewire is available for Mac

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frostwire is better than limewire but both are quite meh. uTorrent or Transmission are going to be much better than either, they are strictly for torrents rather than the gnutella network but I guess that goes with being better.

jrpowell's avatar is what I would use if I just want to grab a song. But if you want albums I would learn about bittorrent.

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I use Transmission for everything.

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I agree, Acquisition is my Gnutella client of choice on the Mac. Pretty robust and manages files really nicely. I haven’t really grabbed songs from Gnutella in years, though. Instead, I usually just torrent stuff, which is why uTorrent or Transmission are awesome. Good suggestion @patg7590.

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