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What is a tipoff that a movie will be terrible?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) October 23rd, 2010

I know when I hear “A delightful comedy that’s fun for the whole family” that it’s going to be a real stinker. How about you?

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When the preview shows explosions and car chases, etc.

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For me, it’s when the entire story of the picture is in the 2-minute trailer.

Thanks, Hollywood! You just saved me $12.50!

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Keanu Reeves
John Travolta
Tom Cruise
Will Ferrell
Sylvester Stallone

any movie Mick LaSalle likes.

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I totally agree with @filmfann
The only Keanu Reeves movie I enjoyed was The Replacements and I soooo can not stand all those other actors. You know who rocks though?
Jason Statham and Mark Walberg and Garrett Hedlund!

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When the Weinsteins are behind it. Shame on them for raping my beloved Hellraiser!

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The premise.

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If Michael Pare or Eric Roberts are listed anywhere. Or Angelina Jolie or Daryl Hannah.

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When the trailer looks more like a car commercial than anything else.

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My top 10 ways of telling a movie will be crap:

#10. A bald guy on the cover with a goatee pointing a gun.
#09. The cover shows a couple with one or both of them pulling a silly face.
#08. The cover depicts miscellaneous teenagers on a white backdrop with big red letters.
#07. The story is about a police officer and a dog.
#06. The cover shows a big computer generated monster fighting or destroying something.
#05. The cover shows the outside of a spooky looking house.
#04. The cover is littered with sexy girls who’s only purpose is to be sexy.

… and the top 3 ways of knowing a movie will be crap are:

#03. The protagonist used to be a normal guy until something weird happened to him.
#02. The movie is based off of a popular video game.
#01. The main selling point of the movie is that the movie is in 3D.

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Based on a true story lol.

Yeah I take that back. TCM is the shit, I just don’t like how some movies become so popular due to people being so damn gullible.

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Two words, Chick Flick!

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When the critics and your best friend won’t stop raving about it.

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When the release keeps being delayed and the main actors keep being changed before release.

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@JilltheTooth What? How could Kevin Costner ever be replaced? :D

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It stars Jennifer Lopez.

The word “romp” is used in the description.

All of the critic blurbs are from the same reviewer working at some third rate, small market radio station.

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When it’s a sequel, and the original’s star(s) won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.

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When it is a sequel to a cartoon.

Can’t think of any that were good. Some were mediocre while others were downright horrible
Wait: Exception is Toy Story 3. I think that Toy Story 2 was only mediocre, though.

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If I see the trailer on pretty much every commercial break, thats usually a good tip off that its going to blow.

Half the time I look forward to the release of these movies just so I can stop seeing the fucking trailer.

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Anything with “2” in the title.

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Toy Story 2 was fuckin awesome…

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@uberbatman Exception that proves the rule?

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fair enough :P

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Evil Dead 2 was also the best of the bunch.

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Jeez guys, lighten up. It’s Sunday night for fuck’s sake.

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godfather 2!

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Is Pauly Shore in the cast? That’s usually a huge honkin’ clue.

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