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What's a quick remedy for drinking too much alcohol?

Asked by prolificus (6540points) October 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

In a matter of two hours I drank three mixed drinks. Each drink consisted of two shots of vodka and one to two shots of Goldiva White Chocolate Liqueur. I’ve already puked once and I feel horribly sick. I’ve been drinking lots of water since then. I’m sitting up on the couch because laying down makes the room spin. What else can I do to make this go away quickly?

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Honestly? Take a walk outside or go camp out in the bathroom and get it over with as quickly as possible. The last time I was drunk and feeling ill, my SO had me consume a tall glass of water with a bit of elderberry juice mixed in. It seemed to work.

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Make some toast and burn it a bit. Eat the burnt toast. I’m not joking.

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Thanks guys. I so regret my drinking tonight. Wasn’t worth it.

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Bread or any other form of carbs. It’ll help soak up any booze still in your stomach and slow down the remaining consumption. Other than that, not a whole lot you can do.

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@prolificus It is never worth it. We all make mistakes, and as long as you aren’t driving, it’s pretty easy, if not for the short-term torture, to get over.

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A tepid (tending toward cold) bath in Epson Salts.

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Water. Lots and lots and lots of water. No, not just a glass of water or a water for every beer. Just chug as much water as you possibly can, don’t stop drinking water until you feel ill or can’t drink any more. Then go to sleep.

When you’re hungover you’re suffering from severe dehydration. Hydrate, and you’ll be fine.

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yes, carbs and protein to settle your stomach down But you can’t metabolize the alcohol any faster, you just have to wait it out. so drink water, maybe advil but NOT Tylenol. You should be done puking by now, so climb into bed and lay on your side.

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Remaining horizontal, groaning, wishing I were dead and the passage of time has always worked pretty well for me.

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You might think I’m joking, but go to the pharmacy and purchase a bottle of Pepto-Bismol.
Down that fucker. Tastes horrible, but it works.

Another remedy is, if it’s uncomfortably cold where you live right now, bundle up and go out for a ’‘power walk’’ Do it for about 20 minutes to a half hour. You’ll end up sweating the worse of the hangover out. (Doesn’t seem to work in Summer, in fact heat just makes it worse, but in my trick the cold definitely has some factor here.)
Granted, the idea of walking in snow or rain during a hangover is a nightmare, but if you manage the courage to do it, it works quite well.
I found that out on a work day, and it worked so well that I did this trick on later occasions even when I didn’t have to go out.

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Not too much water though, that could be dangerous.

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@Megan64 Glad someone said it! Never go past 2 cups…

Drink water, eat some bread, take two Asprin and call us in the morning.

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Maxalon IM, Volt IV, 80mg Losec IV followed by a litre of saline and lots of oxygen.

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Sleep is the best quick fix. Drink some water before to avoid a hangover in the morning.

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This past Thursday I spent the entire day vomiting due to drinking too much the night before. (I rarely drink that much to make me sick) I think it was due to drinking on an empty stomach. I tried eating bread and crackers, but nothing would stay in me. The only thing that helped was water. It will flush you out. Water and rest is the best medicine. Hope you feel better soon!

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Thanks all. The hangover continues. I’m continuing to drink lots of water, and I’ve eaten carbs and protein. Hoping the milky headache and nausea goes away soon.

One of these days I want to take a workshop on how to properly mix drinks. I know I went overboard. Last night was out of pleasure and pain, and a desire to feel numb. In retrospect, it served no good purpose. Haven’t been this sick from drinking in years.

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As the long time girlfriend of a bartender, I’ll give it to you straight. Nothing is going to help you except water, time and rest. Eating something isn’t a bad idea nor is taking a pain reliever, but the water (rehydration), time (for the alcohol to leave your bloodstream) and rest (if you are asleep, your body can recuperate faster) is what will do it for you. You can’t flush alcohol out of your system because it’s in your bloodstream. It’s going to leave on it’s own timetable.

And try not to beat yourself up over it. You’re a human being. :)

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Scotland’s other national drink Barr’s Irn Bru will work wonders if you can obtain it where you are.

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water and fresh air.

also, the body tends to crave greasy food afterward. some say it’s because “it absorbs the bad stuff.”

I wouldn’t disagree.

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How are you feeling dahlin’?

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@Pied_Pfeffer – You’re so sweet for asking!! I’m feeling better from the hangover. Thanks!

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Throwing up.

Or plenty of water.

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@mattbrowne Throwing up doesn’t do a thing against hangovers.

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@Symbeline – Of course it does, as long as not all of the alcohol has entered the blood stream.

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Yeah but by the time the asker asked this, it was too late for that.

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