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What should I eat right now?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) October 24th, 2010

I am hungry and just can’t decide. I need help! All suggestions are good at this point.

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What time is it where you are?

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I just had the piece of cheesecake and half of a can of fruit.

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I just put a pizza in the oven. That always works for me. Or I make a sandwich out of a bagel and some meat and cheese. I nuke it until the cheese melts.

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cherry tomatoes cut up with fresh basil and dropped in the homous container, mmmmmmmm.
(I can’t seem to spell homous correctly, you know that stuff made out of chick peas and tahini)

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Breakfast time where I am. Cereal and poached egg on toast for me, washed down with a glass of orange juice.

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I’m about to have oatmeal.Sounds delightful,doesn’t it? ;)

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celery with cream cheese

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Chocolate cake and lots of it!

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@Cruiser : I’m on my way over.

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It’s 7 a.m. here, I’m hungry, and there’s not a thing in the house for breakfast. :(

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@Austinlad : That’s easy, come with me to @Cruiser ‘s, we’ll hijack the cake. I could use the back up.

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@Cruiser ; selfish bastard XP

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Make some “freezer soup.” Dig around in your freezer, chances are there’s something like a hunk of ham or hamburger lurking back there, and a quarter bag of frozen peas…. a couple onions from the bottom bin, maybe a carrot or two…. peel, chop, toss in a pot with some water and simmer. Then check the pantry, maybe you have a quarter bag of macaroni or some noodles to toss in? Yumm… freezer soup…

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@Austinlad Want me to make you a poached egg on toast?

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Baked potato with sour cream and salsa! Mmmmm

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A lizard’s claw marinated in pond water.

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If you’re going out for fast food, a bean and cheese burrito with salsa is always yummy. Another favorite of mine is a single (huge) slice of pizza from the take out window at Costco. If you’re at home, I would suggest making a frozen pizza and then adding some tasty toppings like broccoli or artichoke hearts or jalapenos. Or make a grilled cheese sandwich or a quesadilla, but use some fancier cheese than just plan old American cheese, and add some sundried tomatoes. If you’re going to the grocery store, you might like one of those already baked chickens. That way you can make a sandwich, or cut some up to throw into a pasta dish, or add some barbecue sauce for “pulled chicken.” Bon Apetite!

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Steak tartare

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