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What could replace money on this earth?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21436points) October 24th, 2010

Could you imagine money not existing? What would replace money in our daily transactions? Back to bartering? Something else? Dream or nightmare scenario?

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Gold! Just ask Glenn Beck.

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Money is a medium of exchange, a common denominator. The only alternatives are theft and barter.

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How about replace money with nothing, a system where people just do what has to be done because it has to be done or they want to do it, combined with small incentives and some mandatory tasks.

Farmers plant crops because people need food, doctors heal people because its what they want to do, some people are fire fighters because there are incentives, and some people collect and recycle garbage because they got unlucky and where assigned 4 hours waste management this month on the mandatory chores lottery.

As for dream or nightmare, it would be a dream. but the transition would be a nightmare. there is no way the owners of big corporations would give up their money and its power without a fight.

Money will be our downfall. Sure, my scenario is unrealistic and would never work, but the only reason it would not work is because we are talking about us humans doing it. roll on the greed, roll on the nuclear war, lets get it over and done with. may the ants and cockroaches do a better job of ruling the world.

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I was just about to say something similar to @poisonedantidote lol – only in my scenario aliens have arrived and whisked away all monetary exchange and told us to carry on as usual… There will always be people quite willing to sweep roads, kill the (soon to be king) cockroaches or grow veg. Unfortunately, the stockbrokers, bankers, moneylenders etc would probably form a new militia or similar…

I’m an optimist though, y’never know how we might evolve if we can survive our own stupidity long enough.

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@choppersangel live long, and prosper. -\\//

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Its the only thing that has true value.
And what money really represents.

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We could end up in a bartering society! Also buy gold (although we may have to turn all our gold over to the Wonderful US Government).

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I definitely feel it would be back to bartering and digging for precious medals ;~).

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Umm… if gold or precious metals are used that way… they are money.

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I’m with @poisonedantidote and @choppersangel I hope and long for the day humanity outgrows it’s adolescent dependence on immediate gratification and people learn to behave in their own best interest, with cooperation as the key ingredient.

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Money, it has been said, is time in a foldable form.

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