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In the movie Hook, how does Dustin Hoffman get his moustach to tick? Is it movie magic or absurd muscular control?

Asked by Sandman (529points) October 24th, 2010

I was watching the movie ‘Hook’ recently, and I cannot for the life of me figure out one tiny little thing which has been irritating me for some time. When Captain Hook is sleeping and hears a clock, how on earth does he get his moustach to tweak along with it?

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I thought he did it by moving his top lip! But I haven’t seen it for a while so could be wrong! AWSOME film by the way! :-P

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I posit that it is mustache magic.

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Mmm, a moustach wizard perhaps?

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Might have been CGI, but chances are a practical special effect triggered by a special effects man off-camera.

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Hmm, given the film’s age, i doubt the use of CGI was employed. The trick is, the shot is close-up, and there are clearly no strings attack, whatever it is, it’s localized to Hoffman’s face.

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