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Have you ever asked a question on Fluther that you regretted asking?

Asked by Paradox (2570points) October 25th, 2010

Whether the reasons would be from negative backlash or a question that just turned into a dud (no/or lack of responses) are there any questions you regretted asking on here?

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Yes. I don’t want to link to it, because I regret it that much.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Yeah me too, there’s one I regret so so so much, but I didn’t want to link it so I choose the last one I regretted.

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I’m with @TheOnlyNeffie. Yes, I have asked at least one question I regret asking but if you expect me to rat myself out that just ain’t going to happen. No links. But one time I asked a question late at night and woke up thinking about it and really wishing I hadn’t asked it and when I logged on later that day I found out that it had been sent back to editing. I couldn’t have been happier. I clicked abandon question and that was that.

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Oh yeah, specific personal stuff that could be linked back to me should the person in question ever stumble upon Fluther.

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@lillycoyote consider me jealous.

@SundayKittens ditto, mostly. Just too personal a question. I didn’t realise I’d be sticking around.

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Yes, at the time I was upset and needed some imput. The question was sent to edit I should have cancelled it then, but I did not. I went ahead and now I have a reminder.

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I did ask a question that I regretted the way that I worded it, because it caused a backlash and did not engender the type of discussion that I had hoped for.

Here it is.

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Yes, I’ve asked the mods to take down a question when I thought it could be read by someone who could be hurt by it.

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Oh yes. Negative responses, insults, misunderstandings. It was terrible. And no, I will not link to it. I never want to see it again. :)

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Ironically I’ve looked around at older questions on here and some of these users are still active on here that’ve asked quite a few misinformed questions where many jumped on the OP. I guess they decided to duck this question altogether.

I think I have an idea by now what questions to avoid asking on here. There are questions I would never ask on here but there are other Q&A websites where I can ask these same questions. Well thanks for the honesty everyone.

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@Paradox It’s hard. I’m actually currently fighting an almost overwhelming urge to ask a question I just know I’m going to regret asking. I hope my better judgement wins.

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@lillycoyote That’s why I’m a member of three other Q&A websites so I can discuss certain topics that I never could on here.

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@Paradox It’s kind of a meta question. It wouldn’t work anywhere else and I can’t manage much more that this place and my two facebook identities. :-)

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What’s the question? :\

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Uh huh…....This onePeople just could not get it and stay on point IMO.

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Yes very much so, I too like @johlucmoha wanted input on something I was really upset about and now that I’m past it I am very worried this person will see it. I wish I had not posted it, if they do ever come across it I’m worried it may end badly. Though it took a lot from me to get past it, I don’t want to look back on it and I hope that it’s not a featured story on some blog somewhere or something. That truly is a big fear for me.

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No. However, I have asked questions which resulted in answers that I regretted.

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@UScitizen I’m getting that right now. I was hoping for a more even balance on opinions. I’m getting smashed on my own question right now,

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