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Third part.

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) April 1st, 2008 from iPhone

she miscarried today
I dunno what to think
she’s says “i know I was raped and all but now.. I feel empty”
what does that mean

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What she needs right now is beyond your realm. She is in a state of confusion that you are not qualified to grasp right now. The only thing you can do is let her know you care. You can’t fix this for her. Only time can do that along with an adult’s guidance. I’m guessing that even tho it was the product of a rape, there was a part of her that thought it was cool to be pregnant. it probably made her feel more grown up, and since it was due to a rape, she could be pregnant without “getting in trouble with her parents”.

If her Mom doesn’t get her into counselling soon, you might want to suggest she talk to your school’s guidance counselor. She needs more help than you alone can give her.

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when a woman concieves there is an emotional bond to the life living in her womb that happens. So when the that life dies she naturally feels the loss. That is one reason abortion causes a woman emotional distress.

All you can do is support her by listening and trying to understand her pain. Please help her get help.

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she won’t let me get close to her and sjhe will barely talk to me and when she does its never about this
she insists on not getting help

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She is setting the boundries as an immature thirteen year old who is being forced into adulthood. What her psyche and emotional threshold are being tested with, I hope you will never have to experience.

For a brief moment she was a mother and now she’s been robbed of the purity of starting a family and been robbed of a living being growing inside of her.

There is nothing you can read here that will enlighten you to the point of being able to relate with your girlfriend. Be there for her as much as you can and remember to not to force anything, especially physical.

My shrink is a renowned psychologist specializing in child psychology (that’s why she sees me; a twenty-two year old) She has collegues in just about every part of the civilized world. If you want, Biotech, private message me your nearest major town and I will see about finding someone you can recommend her mom to talk to.

I was molested by my older cousin when I was four and had it not been for the counseling I had within days of that traumatic event, I highly doubt I would be talking to you right now. It is vital to her mental and emotional future that she receive professional care.

Sorry, on an iPhone stuck in traffic

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