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Do you like the rain/thunderstorms?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 25th, 2010

Or are you scaredy? I’m currently in class and have been informed the parking lot is flooding. Awesome. But I love the rain, even though my feet are currently cold and wet because I chose to wear slip on canvas shoes today.

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I love little more than rain, lightning and thunder. Except perhaps a more violent storm. I’ve said that more times than I can count in my life, and here on Fluther, but it truly is a passion of mine.

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I love rain. Which is useful, given that I’m English. Witnessing the monsoon rains in India was one of the truly thrilling experiences in my life – rain so heavy it’s almost impossible for me to believe it was true, despite being there.

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@noelleptc that would drive me crazy. lol.

@meiosis we had a massive flood here about 10 years ago, maybe more. I had never before seen rain like that, and never since. They had to close down entire towns for weeks. Lives on in my memory as the most gorgeous storm I have ever witnessed.

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Rain? Not really,I can easily catch any disease in rainy days. Thunderstorm? Yes,I like it! It gives me the adrenaline feeling that make realize how powerful our nature is.

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Nothing is more soothing than laying in bed listening to the drum roll of rain cascading on the roof. Throw in a few good lightning bolts and I am in heaven!

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I usually enjoy the rain—from inside.

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I love them. I love the snow. I love every type of storm that’s not extreme like a hurricane

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I’m happiest when it rains. We just had our first rain in over 4 weeks and I was thrilled to finally see clouds.

We recently moved to a farm and we have a wonderful view for miles in every direction. Watching the storms come and go is very cheap entertainment for me. I’m begging my husband for a good camera this Christmas. I can get some wonderful pictures of storm clouds out here!

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Not a big fan of rain by itself. Thunderstorms are where it’s at!

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Love it, love it, love it. Give me a stormy day or night and I’m in heaven.

Not only that, my cat loves rain, thunder and lightning, too, believe it or not. No scaredy cat, he.

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LOVE thunderstorms! But I don’t like rain on the windows ; it makes them dirty and it makes the paint peel .

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If you love rain, move to Squamish, BC, where my daughter lives.

A recent weekly weather forecast:

Big storms here are dramatic because I have so much glass in my rooms that face south. It’s almost like being outdoors and often just as terrifying. Milo passes the time in my lap.

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Some of the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever seen have occured after violent thundersorms. With the oranges and pinks splashing across dark forboding coulds….. it’s quite a sight.

Rainstorms are best around August when they are short and it’s so warm out that you love, just standing there getting wet. Cause when the storm is over you just dry in the warm sun…Paradise.

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I’m not scared of thunderstorms but it rains far too much here for me to ever enjoy it.

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Bring them on. And, I prefer them more during the evening.

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I love both rain and thunderstorms but unfortunately, we rarely get either of them in Phoenix, Arizona. When we do get graced with them though, we enjoy it immensely and count the days until Mother Nature brings them back around. I’m also fascinated with watching lightning because I think it is one of nature’s more amazing and beautiful displays.

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Absolutely! Even losing power for awhile becomes an adventure. However, I hope to never experience another Hurricane Elvis. Going without power in July in Memphis is not a picnic, especially for those who suffered for up to two weeks.

@noelleptc We need to get you some hip-happening wellies.

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Yes, I love ‘em. Even at the end of a rainy winter here in Northern California, I’m always ready for more. But I do like a storm best when I’m snug inside with a stocked larder and don’t have to go anywhere. There’s a Coleman lantern at the ready, and plenty of candles. Enough light to read by, play cards and board games, and talk to each other. No computers! No TVs! Joy!

Thunderstorms are rare here, but I grew up with them in New England and always got a thrill out of them. When we do see one hereabouts, it’s almost as exciting as snow.

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Yes and No. I’m sort of afraid of bad storms, but I love rain and some slight lightening storms.

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Nothing like a good thunderstorm, especially on a summer afternoon. Though I could do without tornadoes.

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