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Online poker legality?

Asked by Perchik (4987points) March 28th, 2007
I've been playing a lot of online poker for points instead of cash. However I feel that I'm at the point that I can play for real money. Is this legal?
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My understanding is that it's sort of a grey area in the law right now--it's possible that the Internet Gambling Act Enforcement of 2006 sort of affects on-line poker and sort of doesn't, but ultimately is one of those things that higher courts haven't yet addressed because it's too new. I think, though, that if there were consequences for anyone, it would be for the people running the site, not the people playing there. So I guess that makes it quasi-legal to play poker for money.
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it depends on the state, in Washington it is illegal to play with real money online.
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You cannot register to play with a credit card that has a billing address in Washington. My boyfriend uses his Australian based credit card to play.
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as sjg102379 said online gambling is up for question.

Though I believe poker has gotten aground this by having tournaments. It’s not really gambling, but a contest that if you win or place you can receive money or other rewards.
I don’t play poker but have a couple friends that due they play these tournaments for extra money.

here a a couple links that offer this type of gaming.

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There’s no federal law banning online gambling. However, each state may have its own law.

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