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What is Erik wearing for April–Fooling Fluther?

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The coolest thing you’ve ever seen?

Where can I get one?

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What looks so good on Ben when he’s tired?

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What would a festering fecal man wear?

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What kind of hat does the quicky-mart clerk wear on The Simpsons?

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How does a man who knows his sh*t learn by osmosis?

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What is the poopsmith’s favorite accessory?

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What is the opposite of a Jimmy-Hat?

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What do you get if you sneak up on a nervous elephant?

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what happens when you stick it in the butt?

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If Ben has one, I want one.

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What do you say when you find out you’re late for another epic Fluther question?

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What does Winnie wear?

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Did you hear what happened to the elephant trainer?

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I am sad the poo-hat no longer exists.

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What was a navy seaman forced to wear when her chief was displeased with her? [really]
BTW Ben is still wearing his in the cloud . . . .

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The link is broken. What’s a poo hat?

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Um…. is a poo- hat an invisible anger hat? If so I had some a couple times.

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Made of felt cut with a poop-knife.

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