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Apple Store extra memery SUPER EXPENSIVE?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) April 1st, 2008

I am looking at the Apple store, wanting to buy a Macbook Pro with 4gb of memory. How on earth is the upgrade from 2gb to 4gb RAM cost 400 dollars??? Two matched sticks of 2Gb RAM modules DDR2 667MHZ cost around 100 dollars NEW. Should I just buy non-Apple branded sticks and put them in myself? Which brand does Apple use inside their MacBooks? Thanks for any help…!

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I would say memory is memory brand really isn’t a factor at least in non- Apple products it isn’t ( I’m sure it isn’t for Apple products as well I just can’t say with absolute certainty as I don’t use Apple products) . Definitely do it yourself and save the money.

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Yes it is an accurate assessment (the price inflation from Apple); if you decide to go with third party RAM upgrade, make sure it comes with a printed warranty, and also, have an Apple-authorized service center install it, so as to preserve the Apple warranty on the MBP.

As for Apple’s choice in manufacturers, don’t know that answer.

Good luck!

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My macbook pro is loving the 2 gigs of 3rd party RAM I installed. I love Apple and all, but hunt around on for a while.

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I have had nothing but good experiences with getting RAM for my Macs from Crucial.

It is easy to install in a Macbook Pro. And you won’t void the warranty installing it unless you do something amazingly stupid. It has directions in the manual.

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always always always add more memory.

never never never buy it from Apple.

TransInternational Mac Memory

OWC Mac memory

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johnpowell’s right-I forgot-that is about the only thing you can upgrade in hardware that won’t void the warranty-provided you follow the directions.

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fantastic, thanks so much guys. That cost just seem totally expensive! Do you guys know whether the CPU upgrade is good value at all? 2.5GHz to 2.6GHz costs 250 dollars. That seems overkill for me as well! What do you say? Does anyone have experience?

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.1 GHz for $250? diminishing returns…

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Another thought-what are you going to be doing with your MBP? For most applications, the 2GB stock RAM is more than reasonable. Unless you’re loading huge Photoshop files, or working with video editing or other high frame-rate multimedia, the stock config. should be enough to get you started.

I recently attended an Apple workshop covering Final Cut Studio, and the bump to 4GB was barely apparent, except in programs requiring a lot of rendering (Motion) or high track counts (blending more than 3–4 video streams or more than 12 simultaneous audio tracks).

Just a thought.

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Thanks for your thoughts! I will consider more deeply what I might need, but it is going to be for video editing, lots of HD video which needs both fast hard drives and loads of memory. And seriously… 88 bucks to buy two 2gb RAM sticks is nothing compared to the ridiculous 400 Apple Store dollars… might as well go for it!

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