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I do not miss my ex wife. I do miss my dog. Any council?

Asked by josie (30931points) October 25th, 2010

My marriage sucked. My wife was a moron. Spare me the question why did you marry her.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
When I knew it was hopeless, I moved out. I left a lot of shit behind. Including my dog.
My divorce turned into a gunfight. Actually, I have been in real gunfights and my divorce was more unpleasant.
I gave up a lot, just to avoid the bullshit.
Including my dog.
At the moment, I am having a moment. I feel bad about losing the dog.
Any word of wisdom?

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How attached is she to the dog? Did she want the dog because she loved it, or simply because she wanted to take it away from you? Maybe if you talked to her, told her that you genuinely miss the dog, she might be willing to let you have it.

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Is there a way you could have visitation rights with the dog? Get it for the occasional Saturday? I went through the same thing years ago but it was a cat I left behind. I missed that little guy.

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That’s tough loosing your dog. Get yourself a puppy?

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My ex and I set up visitation for me to get the dog on the weekends. That worked for awhile until he got a girlfriend and she thought I did it to see my ex. We then worked it out that I picked the dog up at my inlaws. (I really liked them and they liked me, by the way). Girlfriend still thought I was trying to get back with my ex, even though I had filed for divorce. Apparently they fought about it a lot. I told him it wasn’t worth all the fighting it was causing between them and I told him I wouldn’t see the dog anymore. He called me about 5 years later when the dog was diagnosed as terminal. He asked if I wanted to see the dog and say my goodbyes. I did and I appreciated the chance.

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you could leave the gate open and take the dog. Maybe she will think it got out.

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You could tell her that she’s taking really good care of the dog, and you’re glad because it would be really inconvenient in your life right now to have the dog. If she still really hates you, she might make you take the dog.

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Its okay to have a moment, then get back to reality. Be thankful you saw your dog again and he was doing well. Another dog won’t ease the pain of losing one dog, but it might make the pain a little more tolerable. So if you can, you should consider getting another dog.

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I reckon you have 2 choices, go to the pound or shelter, walk down the aisle, look into eyes and see which one speaks to you, then take it home!

The other choice is to kidnap your old dog.

Probably the first is less likely to get you into trouble, but I personally would most likely opt for the second. I do love my dogs.

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Your dog never mistreated you. Why do you think you need counselling?

Maybe your dog reminds your wife of you and she would like him/her gone.
Inquire through a third party.

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Reconcile with your wife to the point of being able to ask her if you can share custody with the dog.

Divorced people do that with their kids!

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Get a Labradoodle. For real. Yeah, but I agree, you should ask her if you can have him! Or at least be able to take him for a day. And if not, get yourself a pup.

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Get a new bigger better dog!

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Break into your ex’s house and take the dog back. Steal a bunch of stuff so it looks like a robbery and the dog ran away. Plan well and be clever so you don’t get caught.

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@josie I agree with DrasticDreamer. But I wonder why you didn’t take the dog with you when you left, or at least tell your ex that you’d be back for it.

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