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How do I break the touch barrier?

Asked by mandybookworm (712points) October 25th, 2010

There is a boy that I like. I’m pretty sure that he feels the same way about me, and we are very good friends. I’ve heard that a good way to make a guy know that you are interested is to break the touch barrier. The only problem is that the only suggestions I’ve found to break the touch barrier are very flirty or obvious. I want to break this “touch barrier” but I am nervous about the whole touch aspect. I don’t want to get too heavy with touching to start off. Does anyone have any suggestions as to breaking the touch barrier in the beginning, without too much touching? (You should also know that I have zero experience with guys or relationships so any tips along the lines of that would be nice as well).

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I think a light touch on the arm when you are talking about something is a nice, intimate gesture without being too fake or sexual. It definitely indicates interest.

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If you see a piece of fuzz on his face or hair, you can pick that off and just say “fuzz” and smile as you flick it off.

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Are you male or female? The Breaking the Touch Barrier Handbook suggests slightly different methodologies depending if one is attempting Male/Male, Female/Male, Male/Female, or Female/Female Touch Barrier breaking.

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Over 2 million people have watched this video, which contains good, solid old-fashioned advice.

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I like the advice given above. And is it worth thinking about if you have made it possible for him to break the “touch barrier”?

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Yes, as @janbb said, a light touch on the arm or shoulder is not too forward if you are talking or if you aren’t talking then perhaps when moving past him, you could lightly touch his arm or shoulder and smile and say excuse me as you move by.

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When he tells a joke or says something funny, playfully punch him in the arm and say “you’re so funny!” And when you part, pat him on the back and say “see ya tomorrow!”

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punch him boys do not get hints even if you hold a sign up he will not see it. you have to be direct or at least build up to it.

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sometimes you gotta grab life by the balls and just go for it

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thanks everyone. I’ve been trying your suggestions and things seem to be working out well for now.

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