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Should i ask this girl out?

Asked by TEBOWHEISMAN07 (37points) April 1st, 2008

ok i go to a school where the middle and highschool are almost conjoined and theres this girl in 7th grade (im in 9th) we’ve known each other litteraly our entire lives but within the last month or so we’ve ben talking alot and i got a txt from one of her friends and they said (reader’s digest version) either ask her out or dont waste her time but i fear that if we date it’ll A. ruin our friendship and/or B. ill get made fun of for going out with a 7th grader

so the question behind this is should i ask her out or not?

Thanks for your help.

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if you like her then ask her

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don’t let her friends message lead you to do anything you wouldn’t have done anyway. Also, I would forward her friends message to her so she knows what her “friend” is doing putting pressure on you.

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My school is exactly like yours, the high school is connected to the middle school. And the guys who go out with middle schoolers get a lot of shit, but after a while they forget about it. So if you really like this girl, I think you should go for it. But don’t let anyone pressure you into it.

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Ok before i say anything do you like this girl?


i rly like flirting with her and stuff and shes rly hot but she’s my bestfriends cousin that i grew up with but yeah i’d say i do like her

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Go for it, bro!

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haha good. In that case TO HELL WITH WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK!!!! I am in eighth grade and let me tell u seventh grade girls do not just say that to a ninth grade guy for no reason. She likes you and you like her and that’s all that you should care about. Seriously I was friends with a guy for years and eventually we ended up both liking eachother but he was afraid of what his friends would think if we were going out and stupid as it seems THAT is what ruined our friendship. You should not care at all what the people in your grade think. ;)

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If you want to ask her out, do so. Don’t worry about what other people say or do. It’s none of their business.

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ask her out. you like her and if her friend is texting you like that, she obviously likes you. if you’re scared about it ruining your guys friendship, don’t let it. as for the being made fun of, don’t worry about it soon they will get bored and move on to something else.

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Does she have all of her teeth?

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lol @ bulbatron9.

Yes, I ‘m assuming that at your age, most of your friends don’t even have girlfriends yet, so don’t take **** from them about having a slightly younger girl. Don’t worry about ruining your friendship with her. after all, if she likes you, rebuffing her will hardly be beneficial.

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girls are more mature than boys, so you’re emotionally the same age.

ask her if she wants you to ask her out or if she just wants to stay friends. the romantic tension can be a new type of flirting (like Sam and Diane or Harry and Sally, even though you don’t know who they are)

more like Jim and Pam for the first few seasons of the office

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