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How do I make my sneakers less stinky?

Asked by ben (8568points) March 29th, 2007
I don't think my feet are inherently smelly, just sweaty. My sneakers smell fine until one day they get wet, usually from rain. After that, they really stink. Is there any way to defunk these smelly sneaks?
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Anti bacterial Febreze until they are wet with it. Then let them dry completely.
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A box of baking soda deodorizes refrig. Box is left open for several months and then replaced. Maybe a small, portable variation of this left in sneaks when resting (sneaks, not you).
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A little "Shower to Shower" sprinkled in the shoes seems to do the trick.
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Mix a half water and half vodka in a spray bottle, and spray the insides - that usually does the trick (and you can use the really cheap vodka - the kind you really don't want to drink!)
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Spray with Lysol.
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Try rubbing the insides of your sneakers with baking soda and let them sit over night. Next time they get wet, try to find way to dry them quickly.
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Quit wearing them in the lake.

Spray some sort of cologne or febreze in there.

Failing that, throw them away.

New shoes smell sooooooooooo good.

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Vodka and water is a great deodorizer, just spray the insides of your shoe, remove the strings before that and air them out until they’re completely dry. I’d suggest putting a little baby powder on your feet and in between your toes to help your feet stay dry and smelling like a baby’s bottom…when its clean.

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