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Which are some great lower body workouts without being stuck in a gym?

Asked by Tamara (154points) October 25th, 2010

I know there are a ton of workout videos and gym equipment in the fitness industry. I’m not interested in owning all those bulky gym machines that take-up so much space in a household, (maybe something no too big) that can be moved against a wall after use.

Which workout videos, exercises are highly effective in improving lower body strength? from a job that includes a lot of standing-up, walking throughout the day.

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I have a mini stair stepper that takes up very little space. I use it while watching tv. You can also do lunges and squats. These have all helped me.

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Try the plyometric training workouts, the most common plyometric exercises include hops, jumps and bounding movements. One popular plyometric exercise is jumping on a pylo box and rebounding off the floor and unto another higher box. These exercises typically increase speed and strength and are effective methods for improving explosive power to improve in lower body strength.

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@jonsblond, Thanks for sharing! Great answer! I never thought about a mini stair stepper. At the sporting goods stores I have been to, I noticed those Nordic Track stair stepper machines that are quite bulky.
I just never payed attention to the mini type steppers since they are small and can be stored almost anywhere.

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@skillcapes7, Thanks for sharing! Great answer! The pylometric exercises seem like a great lower body workout. I was googling the pylo boxes and I’ll have to say they are space savers.

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JUMP SQUATS…ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR LEGS. SQUAT DOWN, AND JUMP UP, SETS OF 15–30 JUMPS IN A ROW (OFF THE GROUND INCHES OR SO, WHATEVER YOU CAN DO, AND ABOUT 5 TOTAL SETS OF ABOVE…This is a crew, rower workout that is amazing for the legs, butt, and calves even…work into slow over a week, or you will be very, very sore.

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@Bretbocook, Thanks for sharing! Great answer! Sounds like a great idea to get a lower body workout.

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Walk, hike, climb. I hate exercising for the sake of exercise.

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Does your house have stairs? Just walk up and down the stairs for twenty minutes, good cardio exercise too.

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reverse squats

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